Piezo Objective Positioners and Scanners For Super Resolution Microscopy

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PI is the world's leading provider of nanopositioning products and systems. All key technologies are developed, manufactured and qualified in-house by PI: Piezo components, actuators and motors, magnetic drives, guiding systems, nanometrology sensors, electronic amplifiers, digital controllers and software.

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PI positioning systems are employed where technology is pushed forward in industry and research. This is done, for example, in semiconductor manufacturing, in medical engineering, in biotechnology, in plant engineering, in surface metrology, or in astronomy.

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PI combines its long-term experience in micro and nanopositioning technology with in-depth knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, sensor engineering and software. Thus, PI is able to offer its customers the most advanced drive technologies and system solutions.

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Why Q-Motion...?


The new Brochure "Heart of Motion"

"I'm pleased to now be able to offer positioning solutions toour customers where classical drive technologies could only fulfillexpectations to a limited extent." – Mark Freyer, Head of Product Division Inertia Drives.

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Fast Linear Stage with Nanometer Resolution


For Travel Ranges to 230 mm

Magnetic direct drives have advantages over the classical motorized, spindle-based solutions in particular with respect to wear and dynamics. Since direct drives largely dispense with mechanical components in the drivetrain, there is less friction and play and therefore more precision. At the same time, it lowers costs and increases energy efficiency. In addition, their outstanding features include relatively large travel ranges, high velocities as well as longer lifetimes of the drives.

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Air Bearings and Positioning Systems


PI Expands its Technological Spectrum for Precision Automation

For the first time in Europe, PI (Physik Instrumente) presented positioning systems with air bearing technology at the LASER World of Photonics conference.

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High Dynamics on Six Axes for Industry and Research

Magnetic direct drives make this parallel kinematic Hexapod particularly fast. It achieves linear velocities of several hundred mm/s and accelerations of up to 4 g. Precision tracking of freely defined trajectories with high path accuracy enables realistic simulation of motions, e.g., for product tests.

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H-860KMAG featured

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