Automated Motorized Fiber Positioning, Photonics Packaging,
Optical Device & Fiber Alignment

6-Axis Automatic Optics Alignment System

Motorized XYZ Fiber Positioning System

Power Meter

Motorized Mini Translation Stages for Fiber Alignment

Piezo Alignment Add-On for Ultra-Fast Scanning

Automation Platform

Piezo Stacks and Chips for Laser Tuning

Steering Mirrors for freespace Optical Communication

Piezoceramic Benders & Tubes for Stretching
Motorized Fiber Alignment / Laser Bar Alignment, Collimator Alignment, MEMS Alignment...
Physik Instrumente provides many motorized fiber positioning and alignment solutions for photonics packaging automation. Products range from 6-Axis micromotion robots for industrial alignment automation, through fast optical power meters, high-speed piezo scanning modules and modular devices with manual control for laboratory test setups.

Applications: Data Communications, laser / diode bar alignment; angular alignment of collimated fibers / arrays, thin-film WDM add/drops, planar MEMS cross-connects, MEMS switches, and multi-channel waveguides. Additional PI products are available for applications such as fiber stretching, writing fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), beam switching, etc.

White paper on Automated Fiber Positioning / Alignment Engines




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