Consulting and Customer Service     
From Customer to Partner
Working together to find solutions creates bonds that withstand the test of time. And finding solutions is utmost in the minds at PI, where customer service begins with the first exploratory talks and continues well after delivery of the products.

Sales Engineers Worthy of the Name
When our customers want to solve complex problems, they need detailed technical advice. Often the process involves visits at the site of your application and at PI's research, testing and manufacturing facility, where you and our Sales Engineers can take the time necessary to fully clarify all the issues involved. All of PI's Sales Engineers have degrees in physics or engineering and up to 20 years experience in optics, micro- and nanopositioning technology. If necessary, R&D or Applications Engineers can be brought in—even in the first phase of the discussions—to help define a course of action leading to a comprehensive solution.

After-Sale Service
The Sales Engineers are also available after the sale is made. They can advise you when the system is to be expanded, answer technical questions, and help with recalibration or refurbishment.

International Support
PI branch offices and distributors assure global support from many countries in the world. This fact can also be used to advantage by companies which themselves operate worldwide.

Overview: PI Direct Offices and Representatives.