Groundbreaking Technologies from PI     
PI - Innovation is a Tradition

  • First commercially available piezoelectric translators

  • First piezo translators with preloading, for industrial applications

  • First commercially available closed-loop piezo actuators

  • First nanopositioning systems with flexure guidance and piezo drive

  • First fiber positioning systems with hybrid drives

  • First preloaded actuators with monolithic low-voltage piezos

  • Computer controlled nanopositioning systems

  • First closed-loop image-stabilization platforms

  • First high-level dynamics nanofocusing system with frictionless guidance

  • First two-plate capacitive sensors and controller with integrated linearization for subnanometer accuracy

  • First piezo nanopositioning systems with parallel metrology and parallel kinematics

  • First piezo-driven tool servo

  • PI becomes first nanopositioning systems supplier manufacturing its own piezoceramics

  • First Hexapod 6 DOF positioning system with submicron resolution

  • First fully automatic fiber alignment system with high-resolution Piezo-Walk® linear motor

  • First piezo nanopositioning stage with active 6D guidance

  • First automated 6D fiber alignment system with fully virtualized center of rotation/li>

  • First piezo controller with InputShaping® vibration supression

  • First digital piezo controller with fiber optic interface

  • Patented PILine® compact ultrasonic piezomotors

  • Patented NEXLINE® high-resolution, high-load-piezo linear drives

  • First digital 6-axis piezo controller with coordinate transformation

  • First piezo controller with Dynamic Digital Linearization (improves linearity by up to 1000 times)

  • First high-level dynamics, two-axis scanning mirror with closed-loop piezo drive and 100 mrad beam deflection range

  • First multi-layer piezo actuators with ceramic encapsulation for longer lifetime and zero-outgassing for vacuum operation (PICMA®)

  • Fastest closed-loop XY nanopositioning stages with large aperture for scanning microscopy

  • Scanning stages with <1 nm guiding accuracy in multiple axes
In the course of the last four decades, PI has become the leading manufacturer of nanopositioning technology.
In the 70s, as space exploration stimulated optics research, PI introduced piezo actuators which gave scientists the highest positioning precision then available.
In the 80s, as the development of the microcomputer led to the first semi-conductor boom and ongoing miniaturization of electronic structures, PI introduced nanopositioning systems tailor-made for the tasks involved.
The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War and made the 90s the opening of a new era of boundless communications. For PI also, this meant the opening of new horizons with the founding of the PI Ceramic subsidiary in the former East Germany.

The turn of the century brought global progress in photonics, nano- and biotechnology—all fields where "smaller" and "more precise" are keys to success.

PI also offers the appropriate solutions for tasks in these areas with ever faster and more precise nanometer positioning, stabilization and automation.

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