Mechatronics Innovation / Technology: Groundbreaking Technologies from PI     
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PILine® Piezomotors
Based on a new ultrasonic ceramic drive, they are light, compact, self-locking, vacuum compatible and have a number of other advantages over classical linear motors.

Capacitive Sensors
Non-contact and absolute-measuring, with subnanometer resolution, excellent linearity and high bandwidth. Ideally suited for parallel metrology configurations.

PICMA® Piezo Actuators
Monolithic multilayer piezo actuators with ceramic encapsulation. Insensitive to atmospheric humidity, longer lifetime and wider operating temperature range than conventional multilayer piezo actuators. Ideal for vacuum operation.

PiezoWalk® Technology
Addresses the drawbacks of existing nanopositioning drives. Provides long travel, subnanometer resolution and very high forces. Non-magnetic, UV- and vacuum compatible.

Parallel Kinematics/Hexapods
Allows design of compact, stiff micro- and nanopositioning stages with minimal inertia for fastest possible response; no cumulative guiding error and no moving cables.

Parallel Metrology
Permits better multi-axis accuracy by keeping all motion on all controlled axes inside the servo-loop. Parallel metrology is a requirement for active trajectory control.

Active Trajectory Control
Compensates crosstalk and guidance errors achieving accuracies in the subnanometer and submicroradian range.

Dynamic Digital Linearization
Reduces phase shifts and tracking errors of piezo nanopositioning systems used in fast scanning applications. Improves dynamic linearity by up to 1000-fold.

Stops self-excited vibrations inside or outside the servo-loop before they start. Achieves fastest possible settling—usually within one period of the resonant frequency.