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Wall of Fame: More than 100 patented and patent pending technologies related to nanopositioning, motion control and piezoelectric drive systems.
We are fortunate to be working with the most innovative customers in the world. The heart of PI is the R&D department, where physicists and engineers devise technologies which will fulfill tomorrow's stringent requirements.

With a large percentage of PI's OEM business based on custom-designed products, the wide ranging know-how, long experience and initiative of the developers is crucial to success. Another important factor is time-to-market, the fast availability of prototypes for evaluation, which are close to the serial product.

PI R&D engineers employ state-of-the-art FEA (finite element analysis) simulation tools and CAD software to develop new electronics and mechanics systems. This assures functionality, precision and performance before the first prototype is ever built.


Photonics Circle of Excellence Award—one of a number of international distinctions received by PI for product innovation

CAD Software (custom 6-DOF Hexapod shown on screen)

FEA stress simulation showing wire-EDM-cut flexure joint of a tip/tilt mirror system for astronomical telescopes

CAD software for analog and digital circuit design.

Servo-control simulation software (simulation of digital PID piezocontroller shown on screen)

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