Test and Quality Control, Metrology Equipment     

The development of products with nanometer accuracy requires highly qualified personnel and an extensive array of test equipment.

Nanopositioning systems are significant investments and PI believes in optimizing the performance of every customer’s system. PI individually calibrates every piezo system and optimizes the dynamic performance for the customer’s application. Furthermore, PI makes significant continuing investments in improved-quality, higher-performance nanometrology equipment so that we can deliver better value to our customers.

Because a nanomechanism can only be as accurate as the equipment it was tuned and tested with, PI closed-loop stages are calibrated exclusively with the prestigious Zygo interferometers. PI’s nanometrology calibration laboratories are seismically, electromagnetically and thermally isolated, with temperatures controlled to better than 0.25 C° / 24hr. We are confident that our calibration capabilities and procedures are the benchmark for the industry.

A compact fast mirror scanner calibrated with a digital autocollimator

Steering mirror platform stability tested with a Zygo interferometer

View of one of PI's six-fold-isolated metrology labs.

Video inspection system for piezo actuator production.

Component tolerance test.

Special microscope.

Test of a 6D-Hexapod microrobot with an autocollimator.

Interferometer and precision optics for subnanometer and submicroradian measurements.

Fully randomized position repeatablity measurement of a direct-metrology-equipped 100 µm PIHera™ stage, made with Zygo interferometer. The data show the exceptional precision of these mid-level nanopositioning devices.

All PI nanopositioning systems come with extensive calibration documentation.
Here is a partial list of the technologies and equipment employed by PI:

  • Nanometrology lab with multiple thermal, acoustic and seismic isolation for reproducible measurements in the sub-nanometer range

  • Laser interferometer with a large variety of special optics for 1-D to 6-D measurements

  • Laser scanning vibrometer for vibration measurements

  • Capacitive position measuring system with sub-nanometer resolution

  • Surface analysis interferometer for sub-nanometer flatness measurement

  • Electronic autocollimators

  • Computer-controlled environmental chambers

  • Spectrum analyzers

  • Coordinate measurement machines (CMM)

  • Special microscopes