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Date: 06/2007
PI News: PI Brochure : Capacitive Position Sensors, Solutions

New! PI Capacitive Position Sensors - Nanometrology Solutions Brochure Available for Download

In the field of nanopositioning, as well as for scanning and nanometrology applications, capacitive displacement measurement systems from PI provide the highest precision and the best possible measurement linearity. Accuracy, resolution, linearity, stability and bandwidth are far better than with conventional nanometrology sensors such as LVDTs or strain gauge sensors.
  • Capacitive Position Metrology
  • Applications for Capacitive Position Sensors:
  • Measuring:
    • Multi-Axis Motion
    • Straightness / Flatness Motion
    • Out-of-Plane Motion
    • Tip / Tilt Motion
    • Vibration, Flatness, Thickness
    • Force with Micronewton Sensitivity
    • Layer Thickness
  • PISeca™ Single-Electrode Capacitive Sensors
  • PISeca™ Signal Conditioner Electronics
  • Three-Channel Sensor / Servo Controller Module
  • Capacitive Two-Plate Position Sensors
  • Capacitance Sensors Tutorial

>> Download PDF: Capacitive Position Sensors
–Nanometrology Solutions

Online Datasheets
>> D-510 PISeca™ Single-Electrode
Capacitive Sensors
>> E-852 PISeca™ Signal Conditioner Electronics
>> D-015 · D-050 · D-100
Capacitive Position Sensors
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PI Capacitive Position Sensors, Metrology Solutions Brochure
PI Capacitive Position Sensors, Metrology Solutions Brochure


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