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Date: 07/2007
PI News: M-122 Miniature Precision Linear Translation Stage with Linear Encoder is Faster; M122

M-122 Miniature Linear Translation Stage Features Optical Linear Encoder and Direct Drive

The M-122 palm-top-sized precision translation stage combines small dimensions, high speeds and very high accuracy at a competitive price. It features a space-saving, folded drive train with the servo motor and drive screw side-by-side. Equipped with a non-contacting optical linear encoder and a preloaded, precision-ground, ball-screw, these stages can provide much higher accuracy and better repeatability than conventional stepper motor stages or rotary encoder-equipped servo motor stages.

>> Miniature Translation Stage Selection Guide

  • Precise: 0.1 µm Resolution Optical Linear Encoder for Highest Accuracy & Repeatability
  • High Load & Excellent Guiding Accuracy: Cross-Roll Bearings
  • Travel Range 25 mm
  • Fast: Max. Velocity 20 mm/s
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance: Recirculating Ball Screw Drives Provide High Speeds & Long Lifetimes

Very Compact XY and XYZ Combinations
M-122 stages can be combined to very compact XY and XYZ systems. The M-122.AP1 mounting bracket is available to mount the Z-axis.

Low Friction, High Speed, Maintenance-Free
Due to its low-friction, the backlash-free ball screw yields significantly higher mechanical efficiency than leadscrews, and allows maintenance-free, high duty-cycle operation at high velocities up to 20 mm/sec.

Photonics packaging, Fiber positioning, Metrology, Quality assurance testing, Testing equipment, Micromachining

>> M-122 Online Datasheet
>> M-122 PDF Datasheet
>> Miniature Translation Stage Selection Guide
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The M-122.2DD miniature translation stage (next to a golf ball) features a precision linear encoder and a highly efficient ballscrew for high speed and accuracy.

The M-664 Fast Piezo-Motor-Driven Linear Positioning Stage
achieves velocieties to 400 mm/sec.
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