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Date: 11/2007
PI News: S-330 High-Dynamics Large-Angle Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms; S330

S-330 High-Dynamics Fast Steering Mirror Platforms Provide Larger Deflection-Angles

  • Optical Beam Deflection to 20 mrad (>1°)
  • Resolution to 20 nrad, Excellent Position Stability
  • Ceramic Encapsulated Multilayer-Piezo-Driven Design for Extra Long Lifetime
  • Higher Dynamics, Stability & Linearity Through Parallel-Kinematics Design
  • Very Fast, Yet Extremely Stable Positioning
  • Sub-Millisecond Response
  • For Mirrors up to 50 mm Diameter
  • Closed-Loop Versions for Better Linearity
  • Excellent Temperature Stability

The new additions to the S-330 piezo steering mirror platform series provide for larger deflection angles, yet retain the excellent dynamic properties of the original design. S-330 sytsems are fast and compact tip/tilt units, providing precise angular motion of the top platform around two orthogonal axes. These flexure-guided, piezoelectric platforms can provide higher accelerations than other actuators, enabling step response times in the sub-millisecond range. Closed-loop and open-loop versions with 3 different tilt ranges up to 10 mrad (20 mrad optical deflection) are available.

Advantages of S-330 Fast Steering Mirror Platforms
Compared to stacked, (two-stage), mirror scanners, the parallel-kinematics design provides symmetrical dynamic performance in both axes with faster response and better linearity in a smaller package. The single pivot-point design also prevents the drawback of polarization rotation, which is common with stacked systems, e.g. galvo scanners.

Datasheets & Additional Information

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S-330 fast steering mirror tip/tilt platforms provide deflection angles of 4, 10 and 20 mrad


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