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Date: 03/2008
PI News: E-712 Modular Digital Piezo Stage Controller & Driver, up to 6 Axis; E712

E-712 - Modular Digital Piezo Stage Controller System, 3 & 6 Axis

  • High-Speed Processor; up to 50 kHz Sensor Update Rate; Highly Stable 20-bit D/A Converters
  • Real-Time Operating System for Excellent Trajectory Control
  • Modular Design for Greatest Flexibility in Meeting Custom Requirements
  • Auto-Calibrating from Stage ID-Chip for Interchangeability of Controller and Mechanics w/o Recalibration
  • Flexible Interfacing: USB, RS-232 & Ethernet
  • Optional High-Bandwidth Analog Inputs and Outputs

The new, E-712 multi-axis piezo stage controller picks up where the successful E-710 controller left off. It features a faster processor, a real time operating system and significantly higher servo update and sensor sampling rates to provide extremely precise coordinated motion in up to 6 degrees of freedom with nanometer precision.

Additional advantages:

  • Available high-power amplifier modules, to supplement the integrated amplifiers for high-frequency scanning / tracking applications
  • Software tunable proportional-integral digital servo with 2 notch filters allow operation of the piezomechanics closer to its resonant frequency.
  • Optional Digital Dynamic Linearization, ensures that tracking errors are reduced to the nanometer level even in high-dynamics scanning applications .
  • Remote control through the internet possible via TCP/IP interface
  • 20-bit D/A converters make possible sub-nanometer position resolution, even over long travel ranges of >1000 µm, like those of the new P-629 PIHera® piezo stages and the P-587 800µm 6-axis stage
  • Internal coordinate transformation for parallel-kinematics systems, user friendly position commands in Cartesian coordinates

Datasheets & Additional Information
>> E-712 Online Datasheet
>> E-712 PDF Datasheet
>> PC-Plug-in Piezo Stage Controller for PCI Bus
>> Piezo Controller Selection Guide

The E-712 digital piezo stage controller provides ultra precise motion in up to 6 axes

E-712 data acquisition and analysis functions (Bode plots, etc.)
help optimize performance of piezo stage systems in any application


Trajectory control of a 2-dimensional elliptical scan with XY piezo stage. Inner curve with conventional controller, error caused by limitations in PID algorithm to deal with nonlinearity & tracking error. The red & purple graph (coinciding) describe the target (intended) motion. Purple = trajectory control with E-712 DDL algorithm. The dynamic error is reduced by serveral orders of magnitude, and the actual motion is undiscernible from the intended motion (control input).


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