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Date: 05/2008
PI News: P-653 PILine® Miniature Piezo Motor / Slide OEM Drive ; P653 PiezoMotor Stage; Mini Linear Slide

P-653 PILine® Miniature Piezo Linear Motor / Slide for High Volume Applications

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>> Technical Paper: Development of a Miniature Piezo Motor

  • True Linear Motor Slide / No Rotary Conversion Losses
  • Extremely Fast: Velocity up to 200 mm/s
  • Travel Range 2 mm,
  • Cost-Effective OEM Drive for High Quantity-Applications
  • Preassembled and Mounted on a PCB Board
  • Very Compact: Piezomotor Drive is Only 8 mm Long
  • Fast Response: Full Stroke in <50 ms
  • Force Generation to 0.15 N
  • Self Locking at Rest
  • Both Miniature Linear Actuator & Miniature Translation Stage (self guided slide)

P-653 PILine® OEM piezo-motor slides are ideal for OEM applications where space is at a premium. These tiny linear positioners can be used to replace classical drive elements like miniaturized motor/spindle systems or other linear motors, which P-653 outclasses with its speed of up to 200 mm/s. PILine® piezo motor linear slide stages offer a number of advantages over classical motor drives:

  • Higher velocities
  • Smaller design
  • High push/pull and holding forces relative to the drive size

Integration of the P-653 motorized piezostage in an application is simple because the moving slider and the piezo actuator are delivered assembled as a unit mounted on a PCB board, incorporating the low voltage drive electronics.

Due to their sterile, non-magnetic, ceramic nature, piezo motor miniature linear actuators work well in medical design applications.

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Piezo Motor Overview
Ultrasonic linear motor slides (19 to 50 mm).

P-653 Oem Drive
P-653 OEM-drive fits nicely on a fingertip.

Watch Mini Motor Video Below
P-652 (predecessor to the P-653) in motion.
The significantly faster P-653 piezo motor can reach velocities of 200 mm/sec.


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