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Date: 01/2009
PI News: 2009 PI Inspirations Catalog Available as PDF Download.

2009 PI Catalog Available as PDF Download.

The NEW "Piezo Nano Positioning Inspirations 2009" catalog from PI is available now. It features more than 200 product families and a very broad range of precision motion control products such as:
  • Precision Linear Actuators (Ceramic, & Classical)
  • Compact scanning stages for imaging applications
  • Fast Steering Mirrors
  • Piezo-driven, low-profile nanopositioning stages for scanning microscopy
  • General-purpose, multi-axis nanopositioning systems
  • Capacitive Nanometrology Sensors
  • Digital & Analog Nanopositioning Controllers
  • Long-travel piezo flexure nano-stages (to 1800 µm)
  • Vacuum-compatible Hexapod 6-axis alignment systems
  • Ultrasonic linearmotor-driven stages and piezo motors
  • Servo, Stepper & Piezomotor controllers

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Download Catalog Sections in PDF Format
>> About PI: Innovation as a Tradition
     Applications and Markets, Production & ISO 9001 Quality Control,
     Systems & Vertical Integration, ...more
>> Piezo Actuators & Components
     For Motion Control, Sensing, Energy Harvesting
>> Linear Actuators & Motors
     Piezoelectric & Motorized Drive Solutions; Actuators for Automation and
     High-Precision Motion Control
>> Nanopositioning / Piezoelectrics
     1- to 6-Axis Standard, OEM and Custom Designs, Nanometer Precision,
     Travel Range to 1800 µm
>> Fast Steering Mirrors / Active Optics
     Piezo Steering Mirrors, Tip/Tilt Platforms
>> Piezo Drivers / Servo Controllers
     Single and Multi-Axis, Digital, Analog, PCI Card, Bench-Top & Modular
     Controllers / Drivers
>> Piezoelectrics in Positioning
     Tutorial on Piezotechnology in Nanopositioning Applications
>> Nanometrology Sensors & Electronics
     Single and Dual Probe Capacitive Nanometrology Position Sensors
>> Micropositioning
     Precision Linear / Rotary / Multi-Axis Positioning Systems
>> Hexapod 6-Axis Systems / Parallel Kinematics
     Microrobotic Systems for Ultra-Precsion Motion Control
>> Servo & Stepper Motor Controllers
     Motion Control Solutions for DC Motors, Stepping Motors & Piezo Motors

Piezo Nano Positioning Inspirations 2009
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PI is a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning, linear actuatorsand precision motion-control equipment for photonics, nanotechnology, semiconductor and life science applications .
PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoelectric and electromagnetic drives for 40 years.
The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides innovative, high-quality solutions for OEM and research.
PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries and total staff of 500+.