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Date: 06/2011
M-660 Low Profile Rotary Table, higher Precision, Piezo Rotary Table, Piezo Turn Table, Lowest Profile, High Speed Piezomotor Rotary Stage ; M660

M-660: Low Profile Rotation Stage now with Higher Resolution

One of the lowest profile rotary tables on the market, the M-660 is now complemented by a higher performing model providing more than the 8 times the position resolution of the existing version.

Background Article (PDF): Piezo Rotary Motor for Optical Instrumentation

Self-Clamping Ceramic Motor, Direct Drive, Direct Encoder
The M-660 stage can accelerate to velocities of 720 degrees/sec. and resolves positions down to 4 µrad (8 arcsec). Its self-clamping ceramic drive provides very high stability, with no energy consumption at rest and no heat generation. A directly coupled precision optical encoder provides phase lag-free, backlash-free feedback to the servo controller.

Applications, Features & Advantages

  • Applications: Semiconductor/ Test Equipment, Metrology, Optical Instrumentation
  • Very Low Profile - Easy Integration: Only 15 mm (0.6”)
  • 4 µrad Resolution
  • Direct Metrology Linear Encoder
  • Max. Velocity 720 °/s, Unlimited Travel Range
  • Self-Locking Ceramic Direct Drive: Energy Saving & High Position Stability
  • PILine® Drive: Non-Magnetic, Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle
  • Compact Combinations with Linear Stages Available

Ceramic Drive used in the latest Generation Optical Instruments
The compact design with minimized mass and inertia provides high precision bidirectional speed and position control, as well as high speed motion contouring. The M-660 is based on the new U-164 Piezo Motor and outperforms the stability, acceleration and settling speed of traditional servo motor direct drives and gear-driven mechanisms. The innovative motor drive was also chosen by Leica Geosystems AG’s in their newest generation of surveying instruments for geodesy, because it can provide significantly higher speeds, shorter positioning times and a very high positioning accuracy when moving the measuring optics.

Controller / Software Support
A newly designed piezo motor controller is available to take advantage of the specific motion characteristics of ultrasonic ceramic motors. USB interfacing and a solid software and driver package for seamless integration are included.

Datasheets & Additional Information

>> M-660 Online Datasheet
>> C-867 Controller Online Datasheet
>> Piezo Rotary Motor for Optical Instrumentation

The M-660 PILine® piezo-motor driven rotation table features a very low profile of 15 mm (0.6") and a large clear aperture

Principle Design of the ultrasonic drive in the M-660 PILine® rotary stage


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