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07/2014 New Miniature Linear Actuator for Opto-Mechanical Adjustment in Vacuum
  • High Resolution Linear Actuator
  • Step size 20 nm
  • UHV and HV Versions
  • Lifetime > steps
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05/2014 M-417 linear positioning stage provides 1/2 meter travel range, 0.5µm resolution.
  • 1/2 meter travel range
  • 100 mm/second
  • 0.5 µm minimum incremental motion
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04/2014 New Hexapod 6-Axis Positioners: High Load, Low Cost & High Speed Versions
  • New High Load Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner
  • New Low Cost Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner
  • New High Speed Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner
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10/2013 Optical Axis Positioning System Offers 5X more Travel Range
  • Long-Travel (2 mm) ideal deep penetration depth / 2-Photon microscopy
  • Complete system with digital controller, software and QuickLock insert for Objective
  • 2 mm travel range
  • 20 ms settle time
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01/2013 Implementation of RoHS at PI
11/2012 Operating system support for PI motion controller
Components for Linux, Vista and 64-bit platforms for several servo motor controllers and piezo nanopositioning controllers.
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08/2012 PI & PI miCos Precision Positioning Equipment on Mars Rover Curiosity

Two instruments in the Mars rover's science lab rely on the quality and precision of Physik Instrumente multilayer piezo actuators and motorized positioners from PI miCos.

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06/2012 6-Axis Motion Controllers for Hexapod Precision Positioners
  • Real time 6-D motion control
  • Macro command language
  • Stand-alone operation possible with autostart
  • Connection of keyboard and monitor.
  • Manual control option
  • Custom controllers for high altitude applications (astronomical telescopes)
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04/2012 Precision XY Motorized Microscope Stage for Inverted Microscopes
  • Fits Olympus IX2 and Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted microscopes
  • High Stability: ideal for Long-Term Microscopy, Imgaging, Image Stitching
  • Fast: to 120 mm/second
  • Linear Encoders with 100 nanometer resolution
  • 135x85 mm Positioning range
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09/2011 PI acquires a majority share in miCos GmbH

Customer-oriented system solutions to the power of two

Today we are pleased to announce that PI has recently become the majority owner of miCos GmbH in Eschenbach, Germany. This allows PI to supplement its extensive micro- and nanopositioning portfolio with a specialist in the field of vacuum applications and system integration.

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06/2011 Ultra-Low Profile Rotation Table now with Higher Resolution
  • 4 µrad Resolution with Direct Metrology Encoder
  • Fast: to 720 °/second
  • Ultra-Low Profile: Only 15 mm (0.6”)
  • Self-Clamping Piezo Motor
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04/2011 Drivers / Components for Linux, Vista & 64-bit platforms: for nanopositioning controllers and servo motor controllers.
  • Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Matlab
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01/2011 Fast Piezo Focusing Systems for Microscopy now Digital and more Affordable
  • Complete System with Fast Digital Controller & Software
  • Choice of Travel Ranges: 100 µm, 250µm, 400 µm
  • Ideal for Fast Autofocus Applications
  • Sub-nm Resolution
  • Choice of Position Feedback Sensors: Piezoresistive (lower cost); Capacitive (higher precision)
  • Improved Performance, yet More Affordable
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12/2010 M-272 Ultrasonic Motor Driven Linear Actuator for Automation
  • Maintenance Free Ceramic Linear Shaft Motor
  • Travel range 50 mm, Integrated Linear encoder
  • Fast: 200 mm/sec (8"/sec)
  • High Speed and Dynamics for fast Settling
  • Self-Locking at Rest, no need for External Brakes, no Energy Consumption.
  • OEM Driver Electronics for Ultrasonic Motors Available
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08/2010 E-709: Low-Cost, High-Performance, Digital Piezo Controller
  • 5th order polynomial digital linearization ensures accuracy.
  • Two notch filters facilitate crisp, high-gain actuation.
  • A fast servo update rate ensures responsiveness.
  • DAC-in-the-loop architecture guarantees positional stability.
  • It offers a host of fast interfaces including USB, RS-232, Real Time Analog and TTL interfaces.
  • Easy-to-use setup software requires no physical access to the unit. No trimpots!
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07/2010 Affordable Piezo Flexure Actuators Provide Travel to 1000 Microns, High Stiffness
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Travel Ranges to 1 mm (1,000 µm)
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Custom Designs with Larger Travel or Faster Response and Non-Magnetic Versions Feasible
  • Available with Integrated Position Sensor
  • Ideal OEM Actuators for Precision Motion Control in Adaptronics, Optics, Medical, Biotech and Microfluidics Applications
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07/2010 PI Newsletter 42: Microscopy Issue: Optical Tweezers, XY Microscope Stages, Objective Scanners
  • Optical Tweezers: Force Measurement in Nanoscopic Dimensions
  • Something New in Microscopy: 1 mm Objective Stage with Piezo Stepping Drives: Fast Steps with Nanometer Precision over Record Travel Range
  • Microscopy Profits from PI's Piezo Technology: PInano™ Scanning Stages for the Highly Accurate Positioning of Samples
  • Fast and Accurate in High- Resolution Microscopic Techniques: Piezo Z-Scanner for Object Slides
  • PIFOC® Piezo Drives now with 29 mm clear aperture: More Light for your Microscope
  • XY Microscope Stages with New Controller: Higher Stability with Ultrasonic Linear Motors
  • Good Reasons for Choosing PI Positioning Technology
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04/2010 Lowest Profile Miniature Stage with Ultrasonic Linear Motor / Linear Encoder
  • Very Low Profile: Only 14 mm (0.6" Height)
  • Closed Loop: Linear Encoder for backlash free Positioning
  • Fast: Ultrasonic Linear Motor provides to 350 mm/sec (14"/sec)
  • Stable: Self Locking at Rest
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02/2010 N-216 NEXLINE® High-Load Ceramic Linear Motor / Actuator
  • Cleanroom Compatible
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle
  • Up to 800 N Holding Force
  • Travel Range 20 mm
  • Resolution to 0.03 nm (30 Picometers)
  • Self-Locking at Rest
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    01/2010 PI nano™ Z, High-Speed Piezo-Z Slide Scanner for 3D Microscopy & Super Resolution Microscopy
  • Extremely Fast Step & Settle, From 5 msec
  • Low Profile for Easy Integration: 20 mm (0.8")
  • 100 and 200 µm Travel Ranges
  • Longest Lifetime with Proprietary PICMA® Piezo Technology
  • Cost Effective due to Low-Cost Piezoresistive Sensors
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    01/2010 M-660: Lowest Profile, High Speed Piezomotor Rotary Stage
  • Max. Velocity 720 °/s, Unlimited Travel Range
  • Low Profile: Only 15 mm (0.6”)
  • Self-Locking Ceramic Direct Drive: Energy Saving & High Position Stability
  • Direct Metrology Glass Scale Encoder, Very High Resolution
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    12/2009 PI Nanopositioning News #40 Available for Download: Progress with Ultrasonic Motors
  • Ultrasonic Piezomotor in Leica Theodolite
  • New Tip/Tilt Mirror Platform
  • Faster Rotation Stage
  • Faster Settling with New Control
  • PI nano™ Microscope Stage
  • Medical Engineering News: Driven by Piezo
  • Faster Switching with New PICMA® Actuators and Amplifiers
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    09/2009 USB Interfaces and 24 Bit Resolution for Piezo Nanopositioning Controllers
  • Integrated USB Interface, 24 bit DA converters
  • Network Capability with up to 12 Channels
  • Position Controller for Strain Gauge and Capacitive Sensors
  • Notch Filter for Higher Bandwidth
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    07/2009 P-725.xDD PIFOC® High-Dynamics Piezo Objective Scanner
  • Fastest Settling Time under 5 ms with Microscope Objective
  • 20 µm Travel Range
  • Scans and Positions Objectives with Sub-nm Resolution
  • Parallel Flexure Guiding for Minimized Objective Offset
  • Choice of Position Sensors: Capacitive Direct Metrology (Higher Performance) or Strain Gauges (Lower Cost)
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    06/2009 E-616 Steering Mirror Controller, Low Cost, for Multi-Axis Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors and Platforms
  • Three Integrated Amplifiers Provide up to 10 W Peak Power
  • Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Versions
  • Internal Coordinate Transformation Simplifies Control of Parallel Kinematics Designs (Tripod & Differential Drive)
  • Compact and Cost-Effective Design for OEMs
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    05/2009 PI Newsletter #39 Available
  • Piezo Nanopositioning Systems in Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Miniaturized Piezo Motors for Safety Technology
  • PI a MathWorks Product Partner
  • DuraAct™ Patch Transducers Smaller and Thinner
  • PI a Carl Zeiss Supply Chain Partner
  • Lower Profile Linear Motor Stages
  • PIFOC® Nano-Focusing Drive based on PiezoWalk Motor: Longer Travel & Higher Stiffness
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    04/2009 PInano™ Nanopositioning Systems for Super-Resolution Microscopy
    • Low Profile for Easy Integration: 20 mm (0.8")
    • Longest Lifetime with Ceramic Encapsulated Piezo Drives
    • Cost Effective due to Low-Cost Piezoresistive Sensors
    • 24 Bit Controller with USB, Ethernet, RS-232 Interface and Analog Control
    • Available Manual Long Travel Stage with Motor Upgrade Option
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    04/2009 New Japanese PI Catalog Available
  • Compact scanning stages for imaging applications
  • Fast Steering Mirrors
  • Piezo-driven, low-profile nanopositioning stages for scanning microscopy
  • General-purpose, multi-axis nanopositioning systems
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    04/2009 Piezoelectric Motors Move Ahead
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    03/2009 Range of Hexapods keeps growing: Vacuum, Low Profile, High Load, Large Area, Minature ...
  • Vacuum,
  • High Load,
  • Low Profile,
  • Miniature ...
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    03/2009 Cost Efficient High-Speed XY Piezo Scanners for Imaging Applications
  • 4 Compact, Cost Effective Scanners
  • Scanning Stage for Pixel Sub-Stepping: Enhances Image Resolution
  • Cost-Efficient Design
  • Travel Ranges 4 µm to 40 µm
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    03/2009 New Vacuum Compatible Products
  • Vacuum Compatible Piezo XYZ Stages
  • Vacuum Compatible Piezo Z-Stages
  • Vacuum Compatible Hexapods
  • Vacuum Compatible Linear Actuators
  • Vacuum Compatible Translation Stages
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    02/2009 M-830 and M-880: Tripod Multiaxis Stages based on Parallel Kinematics
  • New Multiaxis Designs: Planar Stage and Goniometer Stage
  • XY-Rot-Z parallel kinematics system with very high holding force
  • Goniometer Z Stage with Freely Selectable Pivot Point
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    02/2009 Matlab Support / PI a Partner in The MathWorks Connections Program
  • PI has become a member of The MathWorks Connections Program.
  • Matlab Support is based on the PI GCS DLL interface
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    01/2009 2009 PI Hardbound Catalog Available
  • Precision Linear Actuators (Ceramic, & Classical)
  • Fast Steering Mirrors
  • Piezo-driven, low-profile nanopositioning stages for scanning microscopy
  • General-purpose, multi-axis nanopositioning systems
  • Capacitive Nanometrology Sensors
  • Long-travel piezo flexure nano-stages (to 1800 µm)
  • Vacuum-compatible Hexapod 6-axis alignment systems
  • Ultrasonic linearmotor-driven stages and piezo motors
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    01/2009 Novel Piezo Linear Actuator Provides 30 mm Travel
  • Travel Range 30 mm
  • Zero-Wear Piezo Stepping Drive Principle, Ideal for Micro- and Nano-Manipulation
  • Optional Linear Encoder for Highest Repeatability & Accuracy
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    12/2008 PI Newsletter #38 Available as PDF Download
  • 3D Structuring in Nanotechnology: Applications Papers
  • PiezoWalk® Linear Replacement Actuators
  • High Load Hexapods
  • Tools for Pixel Sub-Stepping
  • Dispenser for Bio-Handling
  • Networkable PILine® Controller C-867
  • E-616 Tip/Tilt Mirror OEM Controller
  • OEM XY 50 mm Scanning Stage
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    08/2008 E-617: High-Power Piezo Driver / Amplifier OEM Modules with Energy Recovery for High-Dynamics 24/7 Operation
  • Very Low Power Consumption due to Energy Recovery Principle
  • Extremely High Power in a Small Package: to 280 Watts
  • High Source & Sink Currents to 2 Amps
  • Output Voltage -30 to +135 Volts
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    07/2008 M-810: Small 6-Axis Parallel Kinematics Positioner / Miniature Hexapod
    • Smallest Industrial Grade 6-Axis Hexapod
    • Sub-Micron Precision
    • Very High Forces and Load Capacity for its small Size
    • Mature and Ro6-Axis Hexapod Controller and Software
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    06/2008 E-835: Piezo Driver Module for DuraAct™ Piezo Patch Transducers
  • Compact OEM Piezo Driver Module for DuraAct™ Piezoelectric Patch Transducers
  • 30 W Peak Power, Output Voltage Range -100V to +250 V
  • High Bandwidth >4 kHz
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    05/2008 P-653 PILine®: Miniature Piezo Motor / Slide for High Volume Applications
  • True Linear Motor Slide / No Rotary Conversion Losses
  • Extremely Fast: Velocity up to 200 mm/s
  • Travel Range 2 mm
  • Cost-Effective OEM Drive for High Quantity-Applications such as AutoFocus Cameras
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    04/2008 PI Newsletter #37 Available as PDF Download
  • Piezo Motors for OCT Scanner
  • P-726 - High-Power Objective Nanopositioner
  • Mercury™ DC Motor Controller
  • High-Load Hexapod
  • P-653 - Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Motor Drive
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    03/2008 E-861: Controller for NEXACT® Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
  • Complete System: Controller, Integrated Power Amplifiers and Software
  • Open-Loop Operation, or Closed-Loop with Linear Encoder
  • Network Feature for Multi-Axis Operation
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    03/2008 E-712: Modular Digital Piezo Controller & Driver, 3 & 6 Axis
  • Real-Time Operating System for Excellent Trajectory Control
  • Auto-Calibrating
  • Flexible Interfacing: Ethernet, USB, Analog, RS-232
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    02/2008 E-753: Next Generation Digital Piezo Controller for Nanopositioning Applications
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP) Interface for Remote Control Capability
  • 100 kHz Sensor Sampling; 32-bit Floating Point DSP; 24-bit Low-Noise D/A Converters
  • Higher Flexibility, Accuracy and Speed
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    01/2008 P-629: PIHera® Flexure-Guided Precision Piezo Stages Now With Travel Ranges to 1.8 mm
    PI has extended its PIHera® family of compact flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning stages, now offering record travel ranges to 1.8 mm.
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    01/2008 PI Newsletter #36: M-810 Mini Hexapod, S-330 High Dynamics Steering Mirrors, P-737 Specimen Scanning Stage, E-753 Piezo Controller
  • Piezo Noise Absorber to Reduce Wind Turbine Noise Emissions
  • M-810 Mini Hexapod: Six Degrees of Freedom in a Small Package
  • Low-Profile XYθZ Stage for LCD and Semiconductor Inspection
  • Autotuning Operation under the Best of Conditions
  • Miniature Servo Motor Linear Stage
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    11/2007 P-212 - P-235: New High-Performance Piezo Actuators and High-Voltage Amplifiers

    Successful high-force piezo actuator series updated with Power PZT ceramics; new line of high-voltage drivers also available
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    11/2007 E-413: Compact Piezo Amplifier for DuraAct™ Patch Transducers and PICA™ Shear Piezo Actuators
    The E-413 is a stand-alone, amplifier for bipolar PZTs. Three versions are available: the E-413.00 (bench-top), the E-413.OE OEM version and the E-413.D2 for DuraAct™ patch transducers. The first two can output and sink peak currents of 100 mA in a voltage range of -250 to +250 V, corresponding to the standard range of PI PICA™ Shear piezo actuators.
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    11/2007 P-737: Fast Piezo-Z Stage for Microscope Automation, 3D-Imaging
  • From the inventor of high-speed Piezo-Z objective steppers
  • The new large aperture P-737 PIFOC® PiezoStage Z for specimen positioning
  • Ideal for high-throughput screening drug-discovery applications
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    11/2007 S-330: High-Dynamics Fast Steering Mirror Platforms Provide Larger Deflection-Angles
    S-330 piezo steering mirror platforms now boast larger deflection angles, yet retain the excellent dynamic properties of the original design.
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    10/2007 P-876: DuraAct™ Piezocomposite Patch Transducers for Adaptronics and Smart Structures
    P-876 DuraAct extremely flexible piezo composite patch transducers: for adaptronics, aerospace, smart structures, automotive, and machinery, energy harvesting and for structural health monitoring.
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    09/2007 M-664: 25 mm Compact Linear Stage with Fast Piezo Motor Drive & Closed-Loop Linear Encoder
    Ultra-Low Profile Linear Slide provides high speed and acceleration in a very small package. Tavel: 25 mm (1 inch); Max. Velocity 400 mm/s (16"/sec); Integrated Linear Encoder.
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    09/2007 M-682: 50 mm Compact Linear Stage with Fast Piezo Motor Drive & Closed-Loop Linear Encoder
  • Compact Linear Slide Provides 50 mm Travel (~2 inch)
  • Velocity: 350 mm/s (14"/sec); Ceramic Linear Motor
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available.
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    09/2007 C-866: Closed-Loop Piezo Motor Controller for Linear Stages / Actuators with PILine Ultrasonic Motors
  • Integrated Ultrasonic Piezomotor Driver, High-Speed Encoder Input;
  • Dynamic PID Parameter Switching; Extensive Software Support
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    08/2007 N-310 NEXACT®: Novel Compact OEM Piezo Stepping Motor / Actuator with Long Travel Range
    Patented PiezoWalk® Ceramic Stepping Motor Principle (not a Stick/Slip or Ultrasonic Motor). To 10 N Push/Pull & Auto-Lock Holding Force; Picometer Resolution; Very Stiff Design; Fast Response & High Bandwidth; Dither & Step Mode
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    07/2007 M-122 Miniature Motorizeed Linear Translation Stage Features Optical Linear Encoder and Direct Drive
    Palm-top-sized precision linear translation stage. Fast, high accuracy (linear encoder); space-saving, folded drive train with the servo motor and drive screw side-by-side.
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    07/2007 PI Newsletter #35: NEXACT Piezomotor Actuators, Open Frame Piezomotor Stage, Hexaod Application
  • Small but Power-Packed - NEXACT® Actuator
  • PISeca™ Capacitance-Sensors
  • M-686 Large Aperture XY Stage, 25 X 25 mm
  • High-Dynamics Nanopositioning Stage for Microscopy
  • Hexapod Applications
  • New Piezo Stack Actuators and Patch Actuatos
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    06/2007 M-686 XY Motorized Stage, Microscope Stage, Piezo-Motor Driven, High Stability, with Linear Encoders
    XY Microscope Stage, Motorized, low-profile piezo-motor driven stage, for automated positioning applications, microscopy automation; coarse/fine option with piezo scanning stage.
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    06/2007 PI Capacitive Position Sensors - Nanometrology Solutions Brochure Available for Download
    05/2007 E-481: High Voltage Amplfier provides 2000 W Power for Piezo Actuators
    04/2007 PI Software Brochure: Ultra Precision Motion Control Systems Available for Download
    03/2007 E-536 Ultra-Low Noise Nanopositioning Controller Provides 25 Picometers Resolution for Nanoscopic Imaging Applications
    10/2006 2006 Supplement Catalog Available for Download
    09/2006 C-663: Mercury™ Step, Networkable, Compact Stepper Motor Controller
    07/2006 New PISeca D-510 Single Electode Capacitive Probes Measure with Sub-Nanometer Resolution
    06/2006 PI Newsletter #34 Available for Download
    06/2006 PI & PI Ceramic Present New Research Findings at ACTUATOR 2006
    06/2006 P-652: Miniature Motor / Ultra-Compact Ultrasonic Piezo-Motor Driven Stage.
    06/2006 M-511.HD Hybrid Piezo/DC-Motor Nanopositioning Translation Stage Provides 100 mm Travel, 2 nm Resolution
    06/2006 E-761 PCI-Bus Piezo Nanopositioning Controller a World First
    06/2006 M-714 Nanopositioning Z-Stage with Hybrid Piezo/DC-Motor Drive Features 2 Nanometer Linear Encoder
    06/2006 C-702 World's First Hybrid Piezo/DC Nanopositioning Controller for Centimeters of Travel with Nanometer Resolution
    05/2006 M-850k102 Ultra-High Load Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner Provides 1000 kg Load Capacity and Sub-Micron Resolution
    05/2006 M-674: RodDrive: High-Speed Piezo Linear Motor Actuator for Automation
    05/2006 P-601 PiezoMove® Piezo Flexure Actuator: Nanopositioners with Long Travel Ranges and Precision Flexure Guides
    05/2006 E-755 Digital Controller for NEXLINE® Piezoelectric Linear Nanopositioning Drives
    04/2006 M-238 Ultra-High-Load Precision Linear Actuators
    04/2006 M-403 - M-414: New Low-Cost Linear Stage Family Comes in 48 Variations from 25 to 300 mm Travel Range
    03/2006 P-628 XY-Piezo Nanopositioning Stages Provide 1000 µm Travel Range
    03/2006 P-732.ZC High-Dynamics Piezo-Z Nanopositioning Stage
    02/2006 P-772 Miniature Piezo Flexure Stage
    02/2006 PI Wins Substantial 6-Axis Positioning System Order from General Dynamics Daughter for ALMA Millimeter Radio Telescope
    02/2006 P-612: Compact Piezo Z-Stages with Aperture for Nano-Focussing Applications
    01/2006 PI Newsletter #33 Available for Download
    01/2006 P-587 6D- Piezo Stage Nanopositoining System Selected a Greatest Hit of 2005 by MICRO Magazine
    01/2006 P-713 Ultra-Compact XY Piezo-Stage Scanners for Imaging Applications
    12/2005 PI Mourns Co-founder and Longtime Senior Partner Heinz G. Lossau
    10/2005 P-545 PINano XYZ Microscopy Stage with long travel range
    09/2005 New 500 Page Hardbound Nanopositioning Catalog
    09/2005 HyperBit™: PI Receives US-Patent for Technology Enabling Higher Resolution in Nanopositioning Systems and D/A Converters
    07/2005 P-628 Piezo-Translation Stages Feature Record Trav
    06/2005 P-540 Series Microscopy Z/Tip/Tilt Stages (Tripod Design)
    06/2005 2005 Supplement Catalog
    06/2005 New Nanopositioning Products at Laser 05, Booth B1
    06/2005 Extreme Life Time Tests for PICMA® Low Voltage Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuators
    05/2005 P-541/2 Microscope Scanning Stages
    04/2005 NEXLINE®: Non-Magnetic Long Travel, High-Force Piezo Hexapod & Tripod Z / Tip Tilt Stage
    04/2005 PI wins Semi Technology Innovation Showcase for NEXLINE® Linear Nanopositioning Drive
    03/2005 P-542 Low Profile XY-Scanning Microscopy Stage
    03/2005 M-824 Vacuum Hexapod Precision 6-Axis Positioning System for X-Ray Microscopy
    02/2005 S-303 High-Speed Piezoelectric Phase Shifters Ideal for Spectroscopy
    01/2005 PI Wins Photonics Circle of Excellence Award for PICMA ® Low Voltage Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator
    12/2004 Deutscher Gesamtkatalog
    09/2004 Nexline®: Revolutionary Ultra-high Precision Acutator, High-Force Linear Drive, Features Picometer Resolution
    05/2004 F-206.S: Improved 6-Axis Positioner: Micro Motion Robot / Alignemt System Now More Affordable
    04/2004 P-871 Long-Travel Piezoelectric Multilayer Bender Actuator Features Closed-Loop Control, Low Voltage
    04/2004 E-651 Piezo Controller for Closed-Loop Piezo Bender Transducers / Actuators
    03/2004 P-111 PICA-Shear: Compact Multiaxis Shear / Linear Piezo Actuators
    02/2004 PL022: Smallest Multilayer Piezoelectric Actuator (2x2x2 mm) Ideal for Photonics Tuning / Laser Stabilization
    02/2004 P-010.xxH PICA-Thru Piezo Stack Actuators with Aperture. More Powerful than Tube Actuators
    02/2004 F-361 High-Speed Integrating Sphere Optical Power Meter for Photonics Alignment
    01/2004 E-831 OEM Piezo Amplifier and Power Supply Modules for Low Voltage Piezo Actuators
    01/2004 The 2004 PI NanoPositioning Supplement Catalog
    01/2004 PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., USA Founded
    12/2003 New Catalog: Piezoelectric Actuator / Piezo Ceramic Assemblies by PI Ceramic
    10/2003 Long Range Scanning Probe Microscope w/ PI Invar Piezo Z-Stage / Phase Shifter Developed by German Institute of Standards (PTB)
    09/2003 P-007 – P-056 Large Variety of Unpacked Piezoelectric Linear Actuators Stack Actuators
    08/2003 PI NanoInnovation Grant™ Introduced by PI USA for for Nanotechnology, Optics and Biotechnology Research
    08/2003 P-363.2CD AFM Stage: PicoCube® Scanner: New XY Version Added
    08/2003 C-809, 4 Channel Servo Amplifier Motion I/O Interface for National Instruments NI PCI Cards
    08/2003 PICMA® Piezo: P-882, P-883, P-888 Additions to Ceramic-Encapsulated Piezo Actuator Series
    07/2003 P-561, P-562, P-563: Long-Travel XYZ Piezo Scanning Stages for Microscopy Applications
    07/2003 P-733.DD High-Speed, Direct Drive XY and XYZ Piezo Scanning Microscopy Stages, 2.2 kHz
    07/2003 M-665, 50 mm Precision Translation Stage with Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor and Linear Encoder
    07/2003 P-62x: PIHera Nanotranslation Stage Family Extend: X-Stages, XY-Stages, Z-Stages
    06/2003 2003 Laser Show a big Success for PI
    06/2003 PI Newsletter: NanoPositioning News Issue 32
    06/2003 M-116 Miniature Precision Rotation Stages Fit M-110 Series Translation Stages
    06/2003 P-615 NanoCube®: Compact XYZ Piezo Stage / NanoAlignment System for Microscopy & Photonics Alignment
    06/2003 P-725 Long-Travel, High-Speed Z-Drives for Autofocus / 3D-Imaging / Z-Stack Acquisition
    06/2003 M-663: Smallest Closed-Loop Translation Stage w/ Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor
    05/2003 F-311 PI Motion&Vision System Integrates Vision with Nano-Alignment Capabilities for Photonics Alignment
    05/2003 273 Actuators for SALT, Largest Segmented Mirror Telescope in Southern Hemisphere
    05/2003 P-363 Compact Closed-loop XYZ Piezo Scanner for AFM, SPM, Nanomanipulation
    05/2003 C-848 Multi-Axis DC-Motor Servo Motor Controller w/ Integrated Amplifiers
    04/2003 E-710 Digital Piezo Controller Boosts Scan Linearity by 3 Orders: Ideal for Scanning Microscopy
    04/2003 Soon to come: XY, Z PIHera™ Piezo Stages
    02/2003 P-721: Quick Lock Improves PIFOC® Nano-Focus Z-Drives
    12/2002 M-112: 25 mm Version Added to Compact Translation Stage Family
    12/2002 C-843 Servo Motion Controller Card w/ Amplifiers
    11/2002 PI Newsletter MP 31: PICMA Piezo Actuators, PIHera Stages, Digital Controller, M-840 Hexapod, Tool Servos, PIFOC, Steering Mirrors
    11/2002 P-885 PICMA Low Voltage Piezoelectric Actuators with Ceramic Insulation!
    10/2002 M-840: Affordable Hexapod Precision 6-Axis Stage for Micropositioning / Alignment Tasks
    10/2002 P-620, P-625: PIHera Precision Piezo Nanotranslation Stages Provide Extra-Long-Travel Ranges
    09/2002 New Products PDF Files Available
    08/2002 S-334 Long-Range Piezo Mirror Scanner / Stabilization Platform Provides Higher Resolution, Speed than Galvo Scanners
    08/2002 New E-665 Piezo Nanpositioning Controller Provides Higher Performance than Successful E-662 Nanofocusing / 3D Imaging Controller,
    08/2002 C-630 Compact 3 Channel Stepper Motor Controller for Precision Micropositioning Stages and Actuators
    08/2002 C-880 Multi-Axis Automation Platform for Photonics Alignment
    07/2002 F-210 Fiber Rotator with Closed-Loop DC Motor
    07/2002 M-110.2 Precision Miniature Translation Stages Feature Ballscrew Drives for Industrial Automation
    06/2002 E-621 Modular Piezo Controller + Piezo Driver + 20 Bit Interface for Piezo Nanopositioning Systems
    06/2002 M-661 Compact Linear Piezo Motor Stage, w/ Ultrasonic Drive
    06/2002 S-325 5 µrad Tip/Tilt Steering Mirror Platform, + Precision Z Stage
    04/2002 C-862 Mercury II Compact Servo Controller
    01/2001 M-227, M-230 Linear Motorized Micrometer Actuators Replace M-222, M-224 and M-226 Actuators

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