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All PI Hexapods come complete with software and a specialized high performance controller. PI Hexapod parallel kinematics (PKM) 6-axis precision positioning systems have many advantages over classical multi-axis stages: Lower inertia, improved dynamics, smaller package size and higher stiffness.
With two decades of Hexapod design and manufacturing experience, PI electro-mechanical Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multi- axis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher precision than hydraulically driven systems. They are available in many sizes, and configurations for loads from 2 kg to more than 1000 kg, and most are self locking.

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*Models Description Travel Range [mm] Load
Capacity [kg]
H-811 H-811 Compact High Precision Hexapod. Brushless motors, high speed and resolution.
Several versions available: Standard & Vacuum , special high dynamics and ultra high resolution (5 nm actuators).
34 mm / 42° 5
H-810 H-810 Smallest Standard Precision Hexapod. Long travel range to 40 mm / 60° 5
M-820 low cost hexapod H-820 Low-Cost Hexapod 6-Axis positioner. This entry level hexapod provides high speed to 20 mm/s and high load capacity of 20 kg. It performed 1,000,000 cycles of performance testing with no failures. to 100 mm /
M-824 H-824 Compact Hexapod, folded drive train for lower profile. Standard and vacuum versions available. to 45 mm /
M-840 H-840 HexaLight™ Hexapod, fast, medium
load capacity to 30 kg. High dynamics.
to 100 mm /
H-850 H-850 High-load hexapod. Very stiff design with roller screws and special bearings. to 100 mm /
H-845 High load hexapod H-845 1 Ton, High-load hexapod. 1000 kg load capacity and high velocity to 20 mm/s. 40 nm actuator resolution. to 220 mm /
H-206 H-206.S HexAlign™ 6-Axis micro alignment system.
Flexure joints, very accurate, optional photometer; ideal for fiber alignment.
to 12 mm /
Non-magnetic vacuum hexapod P-911K Custom, UHV 10-9 hPa, nonmagnetic Piezo-Hexapod; miniature size, ultra-high precision flexure joints. to 1.5 mm /
N-515KNPH N-515K NEXLINE® Custom, nonmagnetic Piezo-Hexapod high-load 6-axis nanopositioning system to 10 mm /
M-850 Highload Hexapod M-850k
High Load
Hexapod ultra high-load 6-axis positioner for astronomy applications and other alignment tasks to 24 mm /
M-850 Ultra Highload Hexapod M-850k
High Load
Hexapod ultra high-load, 6-axes, long travel, micron precision, 1 ton in any orientation ±200 mm (X, Y),
±100 mm (Z),
±20° (θX, θY),
±5° (θZ)
M-850kwah M-850KWAH Custom secondary mirror 6-axis Hexapod alignment system for astronomy, water resistant to 16 mm 100
M-850ktvh M-850KTVH 6-Axis positioner Parallel-Kinematics system for wide temperature ranges Ø 350 mm, 330 mm height 200
M-850KLAH M-850KLAH Custom, for inspection systems to ±25 mm 200

PI miCos Precision Multi-Axis Positioners

Additional Multi-Axis Positioners, Hexapods and SpaceFABs are available on the PI miCos Website

M-880.PD M-880.PD Tripod 3-axis high-load XYθ stage for LCD and semiconductor inspection 20 x 20 mm/ 8° 150
M-833 M-833 Tripod 3 axis stage, X,Z and gonimeter (θy) +/- 25 mm (X,Z) +/-30° (θy) 4
N-510 N-510K Tripod Z-Tip_Tilt nanopositioning platform 1.3 / 10 mrad 20
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Linear Actuators Translation Stages 2 to 6-Axis Stages Rotary Stages 6-Axis Hexpods Mini Linear Stages