Overview: Linear & Rotary Stages, Piezo Systems, Precision Motion Control, Nanopositioning
PI designs and manufactures precision linear and rotation stages, as well as multi-axis positioning and alignment equipment. A variety of different drive and guiding technologies are available to match the requirements of the customer's application. Examples are piezo stacks, piezo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, flexure guides, cross roller bearings and air bearings.

Actuators & Motors

  Piezo Actuators & Components
  Piezo Stepping Motor Actuators
  Ultrasonic Ceramic Motors
  DC Servo & Stepper Actuators

Microscopy Stages

  Stages for Microscopy

Piezo Materials & Components

  Piezoelectric Ceramics /
    Piezo Materials

  Piezoceramic Components

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Piezo Systems / Scanning Stages

  Single Axis Stages
  Multi-Axis Piezo Flexure Stages
  Parallel-Kinematics Piezo Stages
  Z & Z/tip/Tilt Piezo Stages

Active Optics / Fast Steering Mirrors

  Single Axis Fast Steering Mirrors
  1-3 Axis Phase Shifters
  Tip-Tilt Platforms with Clear Aperature
  3 Axis Tip-Tilt Platforms, No Aperture
  2 Axis (Orthogonal) Tip-Tilt Platforms

Piezo Drivers, Amplifiers,
Nanopositioning Controllers

  Single Piezo Controllers
  Multi-Axis Piezo Controllers
  Modular Piezo Controllers
  Advanced Digital Controllers

Nanometrology Sensors

  Single-Electrode Capacitive Sensors
  Two-Plate Position Sensors
  Signal Conditioner Electronics
Linear & Rotary Stages, Actuators

  Miniature Motorized Positioning Stages
  Multi-Axis & Z-Stages
  Vertical & Linear Translation Stages
  Rotary Stages & Tilt Stages

Hexapod 6-Axis Systems

  Hexapod Controllers
  Photonics Micro Alignment Systems
  Hexapods for Telescopes

Motion Controllers for
Stepper, Servo & Piezo Motors

  Servo-Motor (DC Motor) Controllers
  Stepper Motor Controllers
  Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Controllers
Controllers for PiezoWalk® Motors

Photonics Alignment

  Photonics Alignment Solutions