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Linear Actuators Introduction
In addition to classical precision actuators (leadscrew & ballscrew designs) PI also provides a number of advanced piezo motor actuators.

Piezo Linear Actuators / Motors
Ultrasonic PILine® ceramic motors are also referred to as resonant motors, and NEXACT® / NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® motors are also referred to as piezo step motors (not related to inertial motors). Both can, in principle, attain unlimited travel, yet they are very different in their design, specifications and performance. These long-travel devices are different in nature to the classical (shorter-travel) piezo stack, bender and flexure actuators

PILine® resonant motors are characterized by a simple design and high speed to 800 mm/s.

NEXLINE® & NEXACT® stepping piezo motor actuators are more complex and can achieve much higher resolution, forces and dynamic performance (analog mode).

A great advantage of piezo motors is their intrinsic steady-state auto-locking capability. It does away with servo dither and the accompanying heat generation, an undesirable feature of electromagnetic linear motors. Stepping and resonant (continuous) piezo motors are in principle nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible, a requirement for many applications in the semiconductor optics and medical industry.

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