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Precision Micropositioning Stages & Actuators Introduction
PI is the leading manufacturer of Hexapod 6-axis micro- and nanopositioning systems. In addition to these parallel kinematics devices, PI offers a wide selection of innovative precision positioning systems such as miniature linear slides, precision rotary stages, hybrid ultra-precision positioning systems for science and industry.

PI's products range from ceramic linear motors to motorized actuators, translation stages, rotation stages and include systems with integrated controllers.

Product Information
 Miniature Linear Slides
 Linear Actuators
 Translation Stages
 Rotary Stages
 Multi-Axis Stages
 6-Axis Hexapod Stages
 Experience / Custom Systems
 Accessories: Adapters and Brackets

Background Information
 Features & Advantages,
     Reasons for Choosing PI Systems

 Micropositioning Fundamentals,
     Testing Equipment

 Motion Controller Products (Selection Guide)
 Technical Notes (Product Specifications)
 Technical Papers
 Markets / Applications for PI Products
Piezo University: Designing with Piezoelectrics
Groundbreaking Technologies from PI

Catalog Downloads (PDF)
 Micropositioning Stages Catalog
 Precision Miniature Translation Stages Catalog
 Motion Controllers Catalog
 Piezo Linear Motors Catalog
 Piezo Nanopositioning Systems Catalog
Complete PI Catalog (20 MB)