Selection Guide: Motor Controllers
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For Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, Piezo Motors and Hybrid Systems
PI offers a large variety of innovative motion control solutions for precision micropositioning devices from classical stepper motors, ceramic linear motors to fast voice-coil-driven scanners and complex Hexapod 6-degree-of-freedom robots. Standard automation controllers handle up to 18 axes. Custom systems have been built capable of coordinating up to 273 axes.

Servo-Motor Controllers (DC-Motors)
Models* Description Axes Outputs for
C-863 C-863 Mercury™ DC-Servo motor controller compact, networkable, economical 1 - 16** DC-Servo USB, RS-232
C-843 C-843 PCI bus controller card Integrated linear amplifier and PWM outputs. Also drives the V-106 voice coil scanners 2, 4 DC-Servo, Voice Coil PCI bus
C-848 C-848 Servo-motor controller, 19"-Package, integrated Linear amplifier and PWM outputs. 2, 4 DC-Servo RS-232, IEEE 488
C-702 C-702 Hybrid Motion Controller & Driver for simultaneous operation of closed-loop DC Servo motors and piezo actuators 2 DC-Servo (PWM), / Piezo TCP/IP, RS-232, VGA, Keyboard
Hexapod Controller Hexapod
See Hexapod systems: M-840, M-850, F-206 6 + 2 DC-Servo TCP/IP, RS-232 / IEEE 488, special
Stepper Motor Controllers
C-663 C-663 Mercury™ stepper motor controller compact, networkable, economical 1 to 16** 2-phase-stepper motor RS-232, USB
PILine® Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Controllers/Drivers
C-867 C-867 High-speed, closed-loop controller/driver for closed-loop PILine® piezomotors. 1 to 16** PILine® ultrasonic piezomotor USB, RS-232
C-184 - C-185 C-184 -
Drivers for PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors. 1 PILine® ultrasonic piezomotor -
Controllers for PiezoWalk® Motors
E-861 E-861 Networkable controller for NEXACT® Linear Motors and positioners 1 to 16** NEXACT® piezo stepping motor USB, RS-232
E-755 E-755 Piezocontroller for NEXLINE® Nano-Drive 1 NEXACT® piezo stepping motor RS-232
Automation Platform
C-880 C-880 Automation platform, very flexible, optional photometer and photonics alignment routines 4 - 18 DC-Servo, piezo, voice coil RS-232 / IEEE 488, special
Piezo Nanopositioning Controllers

* Ask about custom designs.
** Networkable (daisy-chain)
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