Nanopositioning Stage Selection: Single-Axis Piezo Flexure Stages, High Speed Scanning Systems
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PI is the global leading manufactuere of piezo nanopositioning stages and scanning systems. PI offers the greatest variety of standard piezostage systems as well as custom tailored solutions. PI piezo stage positioners & scanners with frictionless flexure guidance are decidedly superior to positioners with conventional guiding systems in terms of resolution, reproducibility, straightness and flatness.

Linear Stages and Actuators
Microscopy Steering Mirrors 2 to 6-Axis Stages Z-Tip/Tilt Stages PiezoWalk®

Selection Guide: Linear Flexure Stages and Actuators / Nanopositioning Systems
Models* Description Travel [µm] Sensor Dynamics* Precision**
P-772 P-772 Nanopositioning stage, very compact, fast and accurate 10 Capacitive +++++ +++++
P-712 P-712 Compact X-scanner, fast. 30 SGS +++++ ++ooo
P-601 P-601 Open & closed loop lever amplified Z-actuators / stages. 110, 300, 400 - / SGS ++++o ++ooo
P-753 P-753 Nanopositioning stage and actuator in one, very compact, fast and accurate. 12, 25, 38 Capacitive +++++ +++++
P-752 P-752 Nanopositioning stage. Very fast and accurate, outstanding guiding accuracy. 15, 30 Capacitive +++++ ++++o
P-750 P-750 High-load, very good guidance, high stiffness 75 Capacitive / LVDT ++++o +++++
P-611.1 P-611.1 Compact, low-cost X, Z, XY and XYZ combinations 100 SGS +++oo +++oo
P-631 P-631 Compact, OEM stage for high-volume applications 100, more on request Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-620.1 - P-628.1 P-620.1-
PIHera® piezo nanopositioners, compact, very accurate, long travel ranges, excellent value 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1800 Capacitive ++++o to
++++o to
P-725 P-721,
PIFOC® objective nanofocusing system, compact, light-weight, long travel ranges, QuickLock mounting system, direct metrology. 100, 250, 500 Capacitive/SGS +++oo ++++o/++ooo
S-303 S-303 Phase shifter, extremely precise, 25 kHz resonant frequency 3 Capacitive +++++ +++++
M-511.HD M-511.HD Hybrid translation stages with DC motors and piezo drives. Extremely accurate. 4 nm Linear Encoder. Up to 100 nm Linear Encoder ++++o ++++o

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Linear Stages and Actuators
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