Multi-Axis Piezo Flexure Nanopositioning Stages & High Speed Scanning Systems
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PI is the global leader in piezo nanopositioning and scanning systems. PI offers the greatest variety of standard piezostage systems as well as custom tailored solutions. PI piezo stage positioners & scanners with frictionless flexure guidance are decidedly superior to positioners with conventional guiding systems in terms of resolution, reproducibility, straightness and flatness.
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Selection Guide: Multi-Axis Nanopositioning Systems (XY to 6 Axis)
Models* Description Travel [µm] Sensor Dynamics* Precision**
P-915KXYS.gif P-915KXYS Fast XY OEM scanner, cost-effective 4 x 4 - ++++o +++oo
P-611.1 P-611.1,
Compact, low-cost X and XY nanopositioning stages. 100 SGS ++ooo ++ooo
P-620.2 - P-628.2 P-620.2 -
PIHera® XY piezo nanopositioners, Very compact & accurate (direct metrology),
long travel range.
50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 1800 Capacitive +++oo +++oo
P-714 P-713-
Compact XY scanner, low profile 45 x 45 x 6 mm. 15 x 15 SGS +++++ ++ooo
P-612.2 P-612.2 Compact, low-cost, XY stage. 100 x 100 µm travel, clear aperture. 100 x 100 SGS ++ooo ++ooo
P-541 - P-542 P-541
Low profile XY scanning stage, 80 x 80 mm aperture, high-speed direct drive version available. to 200 in XY Capacitive / SGS ++ooo +++oo
P-734 P-734 XY nanoscanning stage, extremely flat and straight (1 – 2 nm); 56 x 56 mm clear aperture. 100 x 100 Capacitive +++oo +++++
P-733.2DD, P-733.3DD P-733.2DD,
High-speed scanning piezostage, XY and XYZ versions, ideal for tasks like scanning microscopy 30 x 30 (x10) Capacitive +++++ +++++
P-733 P-733 XY(Z) piezo scanning piezostage, 50 x 50 mm aperture, vacuum versions available. 100 x 100
(x 10)
Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-363 P-363 PicoCube® XY and XYZ high-precision system for AFM, SPM, nanomanipulation; 50 picometer resolution. 5 / Axis Capacitive +++++ +++++
P-313 P-313 PicoCube® XYZ high-presision scanner for bio- / nanomanipulation 1 x 1 x 0.8 - +++oo +++oo
P-611.3 P-611.3 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Stage Compact Multi-Axis
Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment
Up to 120 x 120 x 120 µm SGS +++oo +++oo
P-915KPPS P-915KPPS XY-Theta-Z piezo stage, high stiffness 250 x 250; +/- 8 mrad SGS ++++o +++oo
P-615 P-615 NanoCube® XYZ piezo alignment system, clear aperture, ideal for fiber alignment, parallel kinematics. to 350 / Axis Capacitive +++oo +++oo
P-517, P-527 P-517,
Multi-axis stage 66 x 66 mm clear aperture, custom model with 6 degrees of freedom available. to 200 in XY,
20 in Z,
to 4 mrad
Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-561 - P-563 P-561 -
PIMars™ XYZ piezostage, 66 x 66 mm clear aperture, custom 6-axis model available
to 300 x 300 x 300 Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-915KLVS P-915KLVS Vacuum compatible XYZ stage, w/ large aperture 100 x 100 x 100 Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-587 P-587 6-axis-nanopositioning Piezostage, XYZ, θxθyθz up to 800 / 10 mrad Capacitive +++oo +++++
N-515KK N-515 Non-Magnetic Piezo Hexapod 6-Axis Precision Positioning System with NEXLINE® Linear Drives 10 mm Linear, 6° Rotation Linear Encoder ++ooo +++oo
More Hexapod 6-Axis Systems
P-628KHFS P-628KHFS Long-travel XY piezo stage, nanometer flatness 800 x 800 Capacitive ++ooo ++++o

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