Z-Nanopositinoers, Z-Tip-Tilt Piezo Flexure Nanopositioning Stages & High Speed Scanning Systems
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PI is the global leader in piezo nanopositioning and scanning systems. PI offers the greatest variety of standard piezostage systems as well as custom tailored solutions. PI piezo stage positioners & scanners with frictionless flexure guidance are decidedly superior to positioners with conventional guiding systems in terms of resolution, reproducibility, straightness and flatness.

Linear Stages and Actuators
Steering Mirrors 2 to 6-Axis Stages Linear Stages Microscopy

Z-Tip/Tilt Stages
Selection Guide: Vertical and Tip/Tilt Nanopositioning Systems
Models* Description Travel [µm] Sensor Dynamics* Precision**
P-541.Z P-541.Z Z-axis and Z-Tip-Tilt piezo stage platforms. Low-profile. 80 x 80 mm aperture. 100 µm Z; 1 mrad tip/tilt Capacitive / SGS ++ooo +++oo
P-518 - P-558 P-518 -
P-528 -
Z-axis and Z-Tip-Tilt piezo stage platforms. 66 x 66 mm aperture up to 200 in Z,
4 mrad tip/tilt
Capacitive +++oo ++++o
Click here for Tip/Tilt Steering Mirrors
P-611.Z P-611.ZS,
Compact, low-cost Z-Axis Nanopositioners and XZ nanopositioning stages. 100 SGS ++ooo ++ooo
P-612.Z P-612.Z Compact, Low-Cost, Z Stage 100 SGS ++ooo ++ooo
P-601 P-601 Closed-loop, Z-axis actuator with flexure guidance 110, 300, 400 SGS ++++o ++ooo
P-620.Z - P-620.Z P-620.Z -
P-622.Z -
PIHera® Z-axis nanopositioner, compact, very accurate, long travel range. 50, 100, 250 Capacitive +++oo +++oo
P-733 P-733 Z piezo scanning piezostage, 50 x 50 mm aperture, vacuum versions available. 100 x 100
(x 10)
Capacitive +++oo +++oo
P-720 P-737 PIFOC® Z-axis microscopy piezo stage for high-resolution sample positioning and scanning to 500 µm SGS ++ooo +++oo
P-736 P-736 High-Speed piezo-driven Z-Axis slide scanner. 5 millisec response time. Closed-loop with piezoresistive sensors 100, 200 Piezo Resistive +++++ +++oo
N-510 N-510 Tripod Z-tip/tilt nanopositioning platform with NEXLINE® piezo motors to 1.3 mm / 10 mrad Linear Encoder +++oo
P-915kvpz P-915KVPZ Vacuum compatible piezo Z stage 45 Capacitive ++++o ++++o
N-515k-Hexapod N-515KNPH Nonmagnetic 6-axis piezo Hexapod precision positioning system with NEXLINE® piezo motor actuators to 10 mm /6ŗ Linear Encoder ++ooo +++oo
N-510KHFS N-510KHFS Tripod Z-Tip/Tilt nanopositioning platform with additional fine positioning 400 plus Capacitive
40 µm
++ooo ++++o

PI miCos Elevation Stages

Long Travel Motorized Z / Elevation Stages are available on the PI miCos Website

P-915kklpz P-915KLPZ Low-profile piezo Z-Axis objective scanner, open-loop 75 - ++++o +++oo
P-720 P-720 PIFOC® Z-Axis objective nanofocusing system, very compact, without sensors. 100 - ++ooo ++ooo
P-721 P-721.CDQ
PIFOC® Z-Axis objective nanofocusing system, very fast and accurate, with QuickLock mounting system, direct metrology. 100 Capacitive / SGS +++oo ++++o
P-725 P-725 PIFOC® Z-Axis objective nanofocusing system, compact, light-weight, long travel ranges, QuickLock mounting system, direct metrology. 100, 250, 400 Capacitive ++ooo +++oo
P-725.XDD P-725.XDD PIFOC® Z-Axis nanopositioning and scanning system for microscope objectives, direct metrology. 20 Capacitive / SGS +++++ +++++
P-726 P-726 PIFOC® high-dynamic piezo Z scanner for heavy objectives, direct metrology. 100 Capacitive +++++ +++++
P-721KTPZ P-721.KTPZ PIFOC® nosepiece nanopositioning system, high stiffness, direct metrology. 80 Capacitive +++oo ++++o
P-721KPTZ P-721.KPTZ High load PIFOC® nosepiece nanopositioner, direct metrology. 150 Capacitive ++++o ++++o

More PI Nanopositioning Products

Linear Stages and Actuators
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