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Piezo Drivers and Controllers Introduction
PI offers the largest selection of digital and analog piezo drivers / linear amplifiers and piezo motion controllers worldwide.

The electronics play a key role for maximum performance of piezoelectric nanopositioning stages, tip/tilt mirrors and actuators. Ultra-low-noise, high-stability servo-controllers and linear amplifiers are essential, because piezoelectric actuators respond to even microvolt changes of the control voltage with motion.

For industrial applications, where maximum throughput is crucial, PI offers digital control algorithms for dynamic linearization and reduced settling times. For dynamic high-power applications, PI's unique energy-recovery power amplifiers provide up to 2000 W of peak power!

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New High-Voltage Piezo Systems with PICA™
     Power (HVPZT): Compatibility Matrix

 Performance & Applications,
     Reasons for Choosing PI

Test and Calibration—Nanometrology

 Design of Typical Piezo Amplifiers / Controllers
 Dynamic Linearization Improves
     Dynamic Accuracy

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Piezo University: Designing with Piezoelectrics
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