M-663 Compact Linear Positioning Stage
Fast Linear Motor, Linear Encoder

  • Max. velocity 250 mm/s
  • Travel range 18 mm
  • Excellent start/stop dynamics
  • Direct-metrology linear encoder
  • XY combinations without adapter plate possible
  • Self-locking, no heat generation at rest, no servo jitter
  • Vacuum-compatible versions available
M-663, dimensions in mm
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Precision-class micropositioning stage
Integrated piezoceramic direct drive. Vacuum-compatible versions to 10-6 hPa are available

PILine® piezo ultrasonic drive
Self-locking, no heat generation at rest. Excellent start/stop dynamics. Centered ball bearings. Non-contact reference point switch

Direct-measuring principle
Non-contact, direct-measuring, optical linear encoder

Valid patents
US patent no. 6,765,335B2
European patent no. 1267425B1

Fields of application
Research and industry. For micromanipulation, automation, biotechnology

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