M-686 XY Stage with Piezo Ceramic Linear Motors
High Stability and Speed, Low-Profile, Direct Position Measurement

  • Higher stability with self-clamping linear motors
  • Max. velocity 100 mm/sec
  • Very low profile of only 32 mm, no protruding parts
  • Travel range 25 x 25 mm
  • 100 nm, optical linear encoders provide excellent repeatability and accuracy
  • Driving force to 6 N
  • Self-locking, no heat generation at rest, no servo jitter
  • Excellent start/stop dynamics
  • Clear aperture 78 × 78 mm, 65 × 65 mm at full displacement
Customized M-686 stage with a bigger footprint makes it possible to sink the piezo Z scanner. The system height together with the P-541 piezo scanner is reduced to only 33 mm.
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Precision-class XY stage
With fast direct drive. Clear aperture 78 x 78 mm, 65 x 65 mm at full displacement

PILine® piezo ultrasonic drive
Self-locking, no heat generation at rest. Excellent start/stop dynamics. Flat supporting surface, no lead screw ducts or flange-mounted motors. Crossed roller guide for higher running accuracy and load capacity. Non-contact limit and reference point switches

Direct measuring principle
Non-contact, direct-measuring, optical linear encoder per axis. High repeatability

Valid patents
US Patent No. 6,765,335B2
European Patent No. 1267425B1

Application fields
Research and industry. For microscopy, biotechnology, laboratory automation. Special versions for standard light microscopes available on request

The following stages fit directly
P-561 • P-562 • P-563 PIMars Nanopositioning Stage
P-541.2 • P-542.2 Piezo XY Stage
P-541.Z Vertical Nanopositioning Stage

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