P-736 PInano® Z Microscope Scanner for Microtiter Plates
Large Clear Aperture, Low Profile, with Digital Controller

  • Fast step & settle
  • Clear aperture for well plates and low profile for easy integration
  • Travel range 220 µm
  • Outstanding lifetime due to PICMA® piezo ceramic stacks
  • Piezoresistive sensors for lower cost
  • Capacitive sensors for higher stability
P-736.ZCN in combination with the M-687 XY stage with large clear aperture
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Precision-class nanopositioning system for high-resolution microscopy
Optimized for very fast step-and-settle. Exceptionally low profile of 20 mm for easy integration. Versions for inverse Nikon and Olympus microscopes available

PICMA® piezo actuator drive
Ceramic insulation for maximum operating time. Significantly higher humidity resistance. Excellent guiding accuracy due to FEA-modeled flexure joints

Choice of feedback sensors: piezoresistive or capacitive
  • High-resolution, piezoresistive sensors ensure a stable control
  • Direct-metrology capacitive sensors for significantly improved stability and repeatability compared to piezoresistive sensors

System with controller and software
The compact E-709 digital servo piezo controller is included in the delivery. Digital servos allow adaptation of all control parameters on the fly, by software. Control is possible via USB, RS-232 and a broadband analog interface. Supports PIMikroMove, NanoCapture. PI General Command Set (GCS). Drivers for LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux. Compatible with µManager, MetaMorph, MATLAB and Andor iQ

Fields of application
Scanning microscopy, 3D imaging, laser technology, interferometry, metrology, biotechnology, micromanipulation

M-687.AP1 Microscope Universal Holder for Slides and Petri Dishes for PI Stages with 160 mm x 110 mm Free Aperture

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