M-545 Open-Frame Microscope Stage
Low Profile, Low Drift Design, Long Travel Range

  • Stable platform for P-545 PInano® piezo nanopositioning systems
  • Low profile for easy integration: 30 mm
  • Travel range 25 x 25 mm
  • Micrometer screws, motor upgrade available
  • For inverted microscopes made by Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, and Olympus
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Standard-class, manual XY microscope stage
Coarse adjustment for P-545 piezo nanopositioning systems. Stiff design enables optimal scanning and settling behavior

Micrometer screw or optional stepper motor drive
The stage can be supplemented with motorized actuators, controller and joystick (see accessories)

Field of application
For inverted microscopes made by Nikon (TI), Zeiss (Axio Observer), Leica (DMI), and Olympus (IX2). Versions for other microscopes are available on request

M-545.USG M-229 Stepper-Mike Upgrade for M-545 Stages: Includes Stepper-Mikes

M-545.SHP Adapter Plate for Microscope Sample Holder for M-545 XY Microscope Stage

M-545.USC Stepper-Mike Upgrade for M-545 Stages: Includes M-229 Stepper-Mikes, Controller and Joystick (not suitable for M-545.2MZ)

Compatible nanopositioning stages
P-517 • P-527 Multiaxis Piezo Scanner
P-518 • P-528 • P-558 Piezo Tip/Tilt Stage
P-541.2 • P-542.2 Piezo XY Stage
P-561 • P-562 • P-563 PIMars Nanopositioning Stage
P-545 PInano® Series

Compatible nanopositioning stages (with adapter plate)
P-733.2 • P-733.3 XY(Z) Piezo Nanopositioning Stage
P-736 PInano® Z Microscopy Scanner

Additional accessories and custom designs on request.

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