P-737 PIFOC® Specimen-Focusing Z Stage
Low-Profile, Long-Range Piezo Z Nanopositioner for Microscopy Samples
P-737 piezo Z-stage for high-resolution microscopy
P-737 piezo Z-stage for high-resolution microscopy
  • High-Speed Piezo Z-Motion with Travel Ranges up to 500 µm
  • Resolution in the Nanometer Range
  • Clear Aperture to Accomodate Specimen Holders
  • Perfect Mechanical Fit with M-687 XY Microscope Stage with PILine® Motor and OEM Manual or Motorized Stages
  • Sub-Millisecond Response Times
P-737 dimensions in mm
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  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Biotechnology
  • Autofocus systems
  • 3D Imaging
  • Medical technology

PIFOC® P-737 high-speed vertical positioning systems are designed for use with XY microscopy stages–OEM manual stages as well as aftermarket motorized stages.

While the XY stage positions the sample, the piezo-actuator-based P-737 moves the sample along the optical axis to quickly and precisely adjust the focus. Vertical stepping with an accuracy in the nanometer range takes only a few milliseconds.

The large aperture is designed to accommodate a variety of specimen holders including slides or multiwell plates.

High-Speed Z Steps for Fast Focus Control and Z Stack Acquisition
The immediate response of the solid-state piezo drives enables rapid Z-steps with typically 10 to 20 times faster step & settle times than classical stepper motor drives. This leads to higher image acquisition speed and throughput.

Closed-Loop Position Control for High-Precision and Stability
For high stability and repeatability, P-737 stages are equipped with position feedback. High-resolution, fast-responding, strain gauge sensors (SGS) are applied to appropriate locations on the drive train and provide a high-bandwidth, nanometer-precision position feedback signal to the controller. The sensors are connected in a full-bridge configuration to eliminate thermal drift, and assure optimal position stability in the nanometer range.

Excellent Guiding Accuracy
Flexures optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are used to guide the stage. FEA techniques are used to give the design the highest possible stiffness in, and perpendicular to, the direction of motion, and to minimize linear and angular runout. Flexures allow extremely high-precision motion, no matter how minute, as they are completely free of play and friction.

Ceramic Insulated Piezo Actuators Provide Long Lifetime
Highest possible reliability is assured by the use of award-winning PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators. PICMA® actuators are the only actuators on the market with ceramic-only insulation, which makes them resistant to ambient humidity and leakage-current failures. They are thus far superior to conventional actuators in reliability and lifetime.

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