P-363 PicoCube XY(Z) Piezo Scanner
High-Dynamics Nanoscanner for Scanning Probe Microscopy
P-363.2CD and .3CD (background) PicoCube™, high-performance piezo positioning- and scanning systems or AFM/STM and nanomanipulation. Smart media card for size comparison
P-363.2CD and .3CD (background) PicoCube, high-performance piezo positioning- and scanning systems or AFM/STM and nanomanipulation. Smart media card for size comparison
  • Ultra-High-Performance Closed-Loop Scanner for AFM/SPM
  • Compact Manipulation Tool for Bio/Nanotechnology
  • Resonant Frequency 9.8 kHz
  • Capacitive Sensors for Highest Accuracy
  • Parallel-Motion Metrology for Automated Compensation of Guiding Errors
  • 50 Picometer Resolution
  • 5 x 5 x 5 µm Travel Range
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions
The P-363 settles to within 1 nm in 1 ms (100 nm step, X and Y motion; faster response in Z)
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Application Examples
  • Scanning microscopy (SPM)
  • Biotechnology
  • Micromanipulation
  • Nanopositioning
  • Nano-imprinting
  • Nanometrology
  • Nanolithography

The P-363 PicoCube XY/XYZ is an ultra-high-performance closed-loop piezo scanning system. Designed for AFM, SPM and nanomanipulation applications, it combines an ultra-low inertia, high-speed XY/XYZ piezo scanner with non-contact, direct-measuring, parallel-metrology capacitive feedback capable of 50 picometers resolution. On top of being extremely precise, the PicoCube system is also very small and rugged. Measuring only 30 x 30 x 40 mm (with removable top plate, 30 x 30 x 28 mm for XY version), it is easy to integrate in any scanning apparatus.

SPM, AFM, STM, Nano-lithography, Nanoimprinting, Nanometrology
The PicoCube was specifically developed to overcome the limitations of the open-loop scanners currently available for SPM, AFM and STM. In addition to these applications, the PicoCube is also the ideal scanning and manipulation tool for nanoimprinting, nanolithography, ultra-high-resolution, near-field, scanning optical microscopy and nano-surface-metrology applications.

Higher Precision Through Parallel-Motion Metrology w/ Capacitive Sensors
The PicoCube is based on a proprietary, ultra-fast, piezo-driven scanner design equipped with direct-measuring, capacitive position sensors (parallel metrology). Unlike conventional sensors, they measure the actual distance between the fixed frame and the moving part of the stage. This results in higher-motion linearity, long-term stability, phase fidelity, and-because external disturbances are seen by the sensor immediately-a stiffer, faster-responding servo-loop.

Multi-axis nanopositioning systems equipped with parallel direct metrology are able to measure the platform position in all degrees of freedom against one fixed reference. In such systems, undesirable motion from one actuator in the direction of another (cross-talk) is detected immediately and actively compensated by the servo-loops. This Active Trajectory Control Concept can keep deviation from a trajectory to under a few nanometers, even in dynamic operation.

Nanometer Accuracy in 1 Millisecond with 30-Picometer Resolution
PicoCube systems provide resolution of 30 picometers and below. The ultra-fast XY/XYZ piezo drives offer resonant frequencies of 9.8 kHz in Z and >3 kHz in X and Y! The high resonant frequency and high-bandwidth capacitive feedback allow step and settle to 1% accuracy in as little as one millisecond.

Rugged Design
In spite of its ability to move and position on an atomic scale, the PicoCube boasts a rugged design for real-world applications. For extra-high stability and reduced mass, the body is precision machined from heat-treated and stress-relieved titanium. The sophisticated frictionless design also ensures that the (moving) top plate protects the internal actuator/sensor unit from contamination.

For dynamic scanning operation the E-725.3CM high-power digital controller offers advanced linearization algorithms for sub-nanometer precision (see see link).

Alternatively the analog E-536 PicoCube controller (see link) comes in different versions optimized for resolution or power. An optional E-517 24-bit interface module is also available (see link).

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