P-611.3 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo Stage
Compact Multi-Axis Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment
NanoCube® XYZ-nanopositioning system, 100 x 100 x 100 µm closed-loop travel range, resolution 1 nm
NanoCube® XYZ-nanopositioning system, 100 x 100 x 100 µm closed-loop travel range, resolution 1 nm
  • Up to 120 x 120 x 120 µm Travel Range
  • Very Compact: 44 x 44 x 44 mm
  • Resolution to 0.2 nm, Rapid Response
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Fast Multi-Axis Scanning
  • Version with Integrated Fiber Adapter Interface
  • Cost-Effective Mechanics/Electronics System Configurations
P-611.3 dimensions in mm
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Application Examples
  • Photonics / integrated optics
  • Micromanipulation
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor testing
  • Fiber positioning

The P-611 NanoCube® piezo stage is a versatile, multi-axis piezo-nanopositioning system. Its 100 x 100 x 100 µm positioning and scanning range comes in an extremely compact package of only 44 x 44 x 44 mm. Equipped with a stiff, zero-stiction, zero-friction guiding system, this NanoCube® provides motion with ultra-high resolution and settling times of only a few milliseconds. The minimal moved masses and the stiff piezo drive make it ideal for high-throughput applications such as fiber alignment where it enables significantliy faster device characterization than achievable with conventional motorized drives.

Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Versions
High-resolution, fast-responding, strain gauge sensors (SGS) are applied to appropriate locations on the drive train and provide a high-bandwidth, nanometer-precision position feedback signal to the controller. The sensors are connected in a full-bridge configuration to eliminate thermal drift, and assure optimal position stability in the nanometer range.
The open-loop models are ideal for applications where fast response and very high resolution are essential, but absolute positioning is not important, e.g. in tracking or fiber positioning. They can also be used when the position is controlled by an external linear position sensor such as an interferometer, a PSD (position sensitive diode), CCD chip / image processing system, or the eyes and hands of an operator.

Versatility & Combination with Motorized Stages
The P-611 family of piezo stages comprises a variety of single- and multi-axis versions (X, XY, Z, XZ and XYZ) that can be easily combined with a number of very compact manual or motorized micropositioning systems to form coarse/fine positioners with longer travel ranges (see link, see link and see link). For fiber positioning tasks, several fiber, waveguide and optics adapters are available for mounting on the NanoCube® P-611.3SF (e.g. for combination with the F-206.S nanoalignment system see link).

High Reliability and Long Lifetime
The compact P-611 systems are equipped with preloaded PICMA® high-performance piezo actuators which are integrated into a sophisticated, FEA-modeled, flexure guiding system. The PICMA® actuators feature cofired ceramic encapsulation and thus offer better performance and reliability than conventional piezo actuators. Actuators, guidance and sensors are maintenance-free and not subject to wear, and thus offer an extraordinary reliability.

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