P-615 NanoCube® XYZ Piezo System
Long-Travel Multi-Axis Piezo Stage for Precision Alignment Applications
P-615NanoCube(r) XYZ Nanopositioning System provides up to 420 x 420 x 300 µm travel range
P-615NanoCube(r) XYZ Nanopositioning System provides up to 420 x 420 x 300 µm travel range
  • Up to 420 x 420 x 300 µm Travel Range
  • Resolution 1 nm
  • Parallel-Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness / Multi-Axis Precision
  • Clear Aperture of 10 mm Ų, Ideal for Alignment and Photonics Packaging Applications
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Open- & Closed-Loop Versions
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions to 10-9 hPa
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
P-615 dimensions in mm. The clear aperture has a diameter of 10 mm.
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Application Examples
  • Micromanipulation
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor testing
  • Photonics / integrated optics

The P-615 NanoCube® is a multi-axis piezo nanopositioning and alignment system. Its 420 x 420 x 300 µm, XYZ positioning and scanning range comes in a compact package. Equipped with a zero-stiction, zero-friction guidance system, this NanoCube® provides motion with ultra-high resolution and settling times of only a few milliseconds.

Fiber Positioning
The P-615 NanoCube® is equipped with a fiber adapter interface similar to the P-611.3SF and accommodates all F-603-series fiber holders and accessories. Fiber optics handling is facilitated by the clear aperture.

Double Stiffness for Fast Response
The P-615"s unique flexure design has double the stiffness in the vertical axis than in X and Y, providing faster response and higher operating frequencies under load. For example, the settling time to reach a commanded position with 1% accuracy is only 15 ms in the Z-axis with 100 g load (as opposed to 10 ms without load).

Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Operation
The open-loop basic model P-615.30L is ideal for applications where fast response and very high resolution are essential but specifying or reporting absolute position values is either not required or is handled by external sensors, e.g. in tracking or fiber positioning tasks. In open-loop mode, the piezo displacement is roughly proportional to the applied voltage (see link).

Capacitive Sensors for Highest Accuracy
The P-615.3C models are equipped with high-accuracy, capacitive position sensors. PI"s proprietary capacitive sensors measure position directly and without physical contact. They are free of friction and hysteresis, a fact which, in combination with the positioning resolution of well under 1 nm, makes it possible to achieve very high levels of linearity. A further advantage of direct metrology with capacitive sensors is the high phase fidelity and the high bandwidth of up to 10 kHz.

Active and Passive Guidance for Nanometer Flatness and Straightness
Wire-cut flexures optimized with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) are used to guide the stage. The FEA techniques give the design the highest possible stiffness and minimize linear and angular runout. Further enhancement is achieved by active trajectory control: multiaxis nanopositioning systems equipped with parallel metrology are able to measure platform position in all degrees of freedom against a common, fixed reference. In such systems, undesirable motion from one actuator in the direction of another (cross-talk) is detected immediately and actively compensated by the servo-loops. This can keep deviation from a trajectory to under a few nanometers, even in dynamic operation.

Ceramic Insulated Piezo Actuators Provide Long Lifetime
Highest possible reliability is assured by the use of award-winning PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators. PICMA® actuators are the only actuators on the market with ceramic-only insulation, which makes them resistant to ambient humidity and leakage-current failures. They are thus far superior to conventional actuators in reliability and lifetime.

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