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P-601 PiezoMove™ Z-Actuator

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Piezoelectric Z-Nanopositioning Stage / Actuator with Direct Metrology
P-783 nanopositioning stage, microprocessor shown for size comparison
P-783 nanopositioning stage, microprocessor shown for size comparison
  • Z-Travel to 300 µm
  • Low Profile
  • Frictionless Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Internal Motion Amplifier
  • Closed-Loop Resolution <10 nm
  • PICMA® High-Performance Piezo Drives
P-783 dimensions (in mm)
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Application Examples
  • Metrology
  • Wafer inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Nanopositioning
  • Switching
  • Biotechnology
  • Micromanipulation

Long Travel Range
The P-783 piezo nano-Z-axis stage is a compact, closed-loop actuator providing a positioning and scanning range of up to 300 µm. It is designed for applications with loads ranging from a few grams to a few hundred grams.

Direct-Metrology LVDT Sensor
P-783 stages feature direct-measuring, non-contact LVDT sensors (direct metrology).
Unlike indirect sensors, direct-metrology sensors measure the actual distance between the fixed frame and the moving part of the stage. This results in higher motion linearity, long-term stability, phase fidelity, and—because external disturbances are seen by the sensor immediately—a stiffer, faster-responding servo-loop. See p. see link ff. and p. see link ff. for more information.

Working Principle / Reliability
P-783 nanopositioning stages are equipped with the award winning PICMA® piezo drives, integrated into a sophisticated flexure guiding system. The wire-EDM-cut flexures are FEA modeled for zero stiction, zero friction and exceptional guiding precision. The ceramic-encapsulated PICMA® drives are more robust than conventional piezo actuators, featuring superior lifetime and performance in both dynamic and static applications.
Because guidance, actuators and sensors are all frictionless and maintenance-free, these nanopositioning systems achieve outstanding levels of reliability.

See the “Piezo Drivers & Nanopositioning Controllers” section, p. see link ff. for our comprehensive line of low-noise control electronics.
See the “Selection Guide” on p. see link ff. for comparison with other nanopositioning systems.
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