S-334 Piezo Tip/Tilt-Mirror
High Dynamics, Large Tilt Angle, Factory-Installed Mirror

  • Miniature design
  • Large tilt angle to 50 mrad, optical beam deflection to 100 mrad
  • Millisecond response
  • 5 µrad closed-loop resolution
  • Parallel kinematics, coplanar axes and fixed pivot point
  • Closed-loop position servo control for high accuracy
  • For mirrors up to 12.5 mm (0.5") diameter
  • Factory-installed mirror with 10 mm diameter
  • Frictionless, zero-play flexure guiding system
S-334 dimensions in mm
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Precision-class piezo-based tip/tilt steering mirror
2 orthogonal tilt axes. Differentially driven actuators for high temperature stability. Parallel kinematics, one moving platform with fixed pivot point. Frictionless, zero-play flexure guiding system

Factory-installed mirror
Diameter: 10 mm, thickness: 2 mm, surface flatness: λ/10, surface quality: 20-10, parallelism: 30 arcsec

High dynamics
50 Hz sinusoidal operation frequency at full stroke. 30 Hz maximum operation frequency at 10 ms rise time

PICMA® high-performance piezo drive
Piezoceramic actuators with all-ceramic insulation. Longer lifetime, humidity resistance and operating temperatures to 50 °C

Integrated sensors for closed-loop position control
Metal foil strain gauge sensors, linearity typically better than 0.05% at full stroke. High repeatability

Fields of application
Image processing, image stabilization, laser beam control for optical filters, optical switches, scanning ­microscopy, beam stabilization, laser beam cutting

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