S-334 Miniature Piezo Tip/Tilt-Mirror
Fast Steering Mirror with up to 100 mrad Deflection
S-334 Tip/Tilt Mirror System / Scanner Provides Optical Deflection Angle up to 100 mrad
S-334 Tip/Tilt Mirror System / Scanner Provides Optical Deflection Angle up to 100 mrad
  • Miniature Design
  • Optical Beam Deflection to 100 mrad (~ 5.7°)
  • Coplanar Axes & Fixed Pivot Point; Eliminate Polarization Rotation
  • Factory Installed Mirror
  • Millisecond Response, Resolution to 0.2 µrad
  • Closed-loop Position Servo-Control for High Accuracy
  • For Mirrors up to 12.5 mm (0.5") Diameter
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Parallel Kinematics for Enhanced Dynamics and Better Multi-Axis Accuracy
S-334 dimensions in mm
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Application Examples
  • Image processing / stablilization
  • Interlacing, dithering
  • Laser scanning / beam steering
  • Optics
  • Optical filters / switches
  • Scanning microscopy
  • Beam stabilization

S-334 piezo tip/tilt mirrors / scanners provide extremely large deflection angles in a miniaturized package. These fast steering mirror systems are based on a sophisticated parallel-kinematics design with two coplanar, orthogonal axes and a fixed pivot point.

Large Tip/Tilt Ranges with Excellent Motion Characteristics
The novel flexure/lever design with minimized inertia allows for the exceptionally large tip/ tilt range of 60 mrad (50 mrad in closed-loop operation, which is equivalent to 100 mrad optical beam deflection) and very fast response in the millisecond range. These parameters make the system unique in the market of piezo driven tip/tilt mirror systems.

Sub-Microradian Resolution
In addition to the large angles and the high dynamics the S-334 provides sub-micro-radian resolution. The integrated high-resolution, full-bridge strain gauge sensors (SGS) provide absolute position control, excellent repeatability and high linearity, typically better than 0.05% over the entire travel range.

Differential Drive for Improved Stability and Dynamics
The S-334 is based on a parallel-kinematics design with coplanar axes and a single moving platform. Two pairs of differentially-driven piezo actuators are employed to provide the highest dynamics and position stability over a wide temperature range.

Compared to stacked, (two-stage), piezo or galvo scanners, the single-platform design provides several advantages: smaller package size, identical dynamic performance in both axes, faster response and better linearity. It also prevents polarization rotation.

High Reliability and Long Lifetime
The compact S-334 systems are equipped with preloaded PICMA® high-performance piezo actuators which are integrated into a sophisticated, FEA-modeled, flexure guiding system. The PICMA® actuators feature cofired ceramic encapsulation and provide better performance and reliability than conventional piezo actuators. Actuators, guidance and sensors are maintenance-free, not subject to wear and offer extraordinary reliability.

Factory Installed Mirror
The S-334 is equipped with a factory-installed mirror 10 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick (flatness λ/5, reflectivity >98% from 500 nm to 2 µm).

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