D-510 PISeca Capacitive Sensors
Single-Plate Sensors with Excellent Position Resolution
PISeca high-precision capacitive sensor probes with E-852 signal conditioner electronics. Sensor probes (from left):  D-510.101 with 100 µm, D-510.051 with 50 µm, D-510.021 with 20 µm nominal measurement range
PISeca high-precision capacitive sensor probes with E-852 signal conditioner electronics. Sensor probes (from left): D-510.101 with 100 µm, D-510.051 with 50 µm, D-510.021 with 20 µm nominal measurement range
  • Non-Contact Measurement for Distance / Motion / Vibration
  • Absolute Position Sensing
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Measurement Ranges to 500 µm
  • Easy Integration
  • High Bandwidth
D-510.021 with LEMO connector for easy handling
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Application Examples
  • Semiconductor technology / test & meas-urement
  • Data storage
  • Automotive industry
  • Metrology
  • Precision machining

The new PISeca single-electrode capacitive sensors from PI perform non-contact measurements of distance, position or motion against any kind of electrically conductive target. They feature the highest resolution and linearity available.

The PISeca single-electrode capacitive gauges are fundamentally very temperature stable, have excellent dynamics and are easy to work with.

Capacitive Position Sensors for Highest Accuracy and Lifetime
Single-electrode capacitive (capacitance) sensors are direct metrology devices. They use an electric field to measure change of capacitance between the probe and a conductive target surface, without physical contact. This makes them free of friction and hysteresis and provides high phase fidelity and bandwidth.

In combination with suitable sensor electronics (E-852.10) resolutions down to the sub-nanometer range and bandwidths to 10 kHz can be achieved. For high-dynamics measurements, a bandwidth up to 10 kHz is possible, with a resolution still down to the 1-nm range. With sufficient mounting accuracy, excellent linearity can be attained (up to 0.1%).

Guard-Ring Capacitor Provides Higher Linearity
Sensor design has a strong influence on linearity because the operating principle is based on that of an ideal parallel-plate capacitor. The superior PI design uses a guard-ring electrode that shields the sensor electrode from boundary effects. This ensures a homogeneous electric field in the measurement zone and results in higher measuring linearity.

Easy Handling and Integration
All PISeca sensor probes feature an integrated LEMO connector for easy mounting and replacement in the field. The standardized shaft diameter allows compatibility and flexibility.

Factory Calibration for Improved Linearity
Highest possible linearity and accuracy are achieved with factory calibration of the sensor probe together with the signal conditioner electronics. Two measurement ranges can be calibrated at the same time for one particular sensor probe. Factory calibration also opti-mizes parameters like ILS (linearization), gain and offset and eliminates cable capacitance influences. The
E-852.10 provides two calibrated, optionally extended measurement ranges are available.

High-Precision Machining
The measuring surfaces of the PISeca sensors are machined with diamond tools using sophisticated process control techniques. The result is the smooth, ultra-flat, mirrored surface required to obtain highest resolution. The standard material is stainless steel.

Custom Sensors/Two-Plate Sensors
In addition to the standard sensors listed here, PI can offer a variety of custom versions for different measuring ranges, geometries, materials match, etc. Systems with custom electronics are also available.

If ultimate performance is required, the D-100 series two-plate capacitive sensors are recommended (see link).

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