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E-725 Digital Piezo Controller

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E-710 Digital Piezo Controller
3 to 6 axes, for highest precision
E-710.6CD 6-axis Digital Piezo Controller top model of the E-710 family, shown with custom Super-Invar 6-DOF piezo flexure nanopositioning stage
E-710.6CD 6-axis Digital Piezo Controller top model of the E-710 family, shown with custom Super-Invar 6-DOF piezo flexure nanopositioning stage
  • For Nanopositioning Systems with Capacitive Feedback Sensors
  • All Control Parameters Software-Settable
  • 3-, 4- & 6-Channel Versions
  • Firmware Linearization: Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL) Option Improves Scanning Linearity
  • Coordinate Transformation for Parallel-Kinematics / Parallel-Metrology Systems
  • Auto-Loading of Calibration Data from Stage ID-Chip for Interchangeability of Controller and Mechanics
  • Interface Options: High-Speed Parallel I/O Interface and Analog Inputs
  • Notchfilter for Higher Bandwidth
  • Extensive Software Support
  • Option: Digital Sensor-Signal Transmission over 15 m and More
The digital sensor-signal transmission (DST) allows a distance up to 15 m between positioning unit and controller
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Software Overview

E-710 digital piezo controllers offer sophisticated functionality in a variety of configurations. Based on powerful 32-bit DSPs (digital signal processor) they include integrated, low-noise power amplifiers for piezo actuators and excitation/read-out electronics for extremely high-resolution capacitive position sensors. E-710s provide up to 8 piezo driver channels, 7 sensor channels and the processing power for coordinated control of up to 6 logical axes, e.g. for parallel kinematics systems.

Digital Linearization and Control Algorithms for Highest Accuracy
Linearization algorithms based on higher-order polynomials improve the positioning accuracy to 0.001% of the travel range. The high-speed processor with a sensor sampling rate of
25 kHz, assures settling times in the millisecond range and below. The controller is perfectly suited for high-dynamics operation, thanks to its high-resolution DA-converters and high-performance voltage amplifiers.

More than just a Controller-Trajectory Control and Data Recording
During fast periodic motion, as typical for scanning applications, the tracking accuracy can be further improved with Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL, E-710.SCN). This optionally available control algorithm reduces the tracking error by a factor of up to 1000.
This control algorithm enables the spatial and temporal tracking during a dynamic scan. The integrated wave generator can save and output periodic motion profiles. In addition to sine and triangle waves, arbitrary, user-defined profiles can be created. The flexibly configurable data recorder enables simultaneous recording and read-out of the corresponding data.

Sensor-Signal Transmission up to 15 m
A remote sensor interface box is available for applications where the distance between the mechanics and electronics is greater than 10 m. This DST option (digital sensor-signal transmission), includes a compatible E-710 controller. It is designed to reduce the interference that begins to degrade performance when the analog sensor excitation and readout signal paths exceed 10 m. The connection between the sensor box and the controller can be up to 15 m (longer distances on request), as the digital signals it carries are far more robust.

Simple System Integration
All parameters can be checked and reset via software. System setup and configuration is done with the included NanoCapture and user-interface software. Interfacing to custom software is facilitated with included LabVIEW drivers and DLLs. System programming is the same with all PI controllers, so controlling a system with a variety of different controllers is possible without difficulty.

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