E-755 Digital NEXLINE® Controller
Controller for Picometer-Precision PiezoWalk® Linear Actuators / Positioners
E-755 digital NEXLINE® controller with N-214 nanopositioner, 20 mm travel range.
E-755 digital NEXLINE® controller with N-214 nanopositioner, 20 mm travel range.
  • Special Control Algorithms for NEXLINE® Nanopositioning Linear-Motor Actuators
  • 32-Bit Digital Filters
  • 24-Bit DAC Resolution
  • Fully Programmable Low-Pass and Notch Filters
  • Non-Volatile User Settings and Last-Position Data
  • Daisy-Chain Networking for up to 16 Axes
  • PI GCS (General Command Set) Compatible
Steps of 5 nm performed by a system consisting of an N-214 NEXLINE<sup>®</sup> nanopositioner and an E-755.1A1 controller, measured by a high-resolution interferometer. Note the excellent system response to consecutive 5 nm step commands. In this case the closed-loop resolution is limited by the linear encoder in the N-214 (5 nm / increment); the E-755 can work with linear encoders with sub-nanometer resolution
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Software Overview
Application Examples
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Quality assurance testing in semiconductor industry
  • Astronomical telescopes
  • Truss structures
  • Active vibration control
  • Alignment in high magnetic fields, as in particle physics, atomic fusion and superconductivity research

E-755 digital single-axis nanopositioning controllers are designed to drive the patented NEXLINE® nanopositioning linear drives. Combining advanced control technology and sensor signal processing with special drive algorithms, the E-755 can provide precision motion control over hundreds of millimeters with picometer-range resolution. Coordinated action of shearing and clamping piezo elements is what allows NEXLINE® to break through the barriers of conventional nanopositioning actuators.

The E-755 offers two different control modes for the NEXLINE® walking drives: a high-resolution, high dynamics direct piezo mode, with basically unlimited resolution (analog mode), and a long-range stepping mode with theoretically unlimited travel range.

High-Resolution Servo-Control
E-755 controllers are based on powerful 32-bit DSPs and come in open- and closed-loop versions. Both versions feature four high-resolution (24-bit) linear amplifiers with the output range of ±250 V required to control a single-axis NEXLINE® drive. For the closed-loop models, high-resolution incremental position sensors are supported by special excitation and read-out electronics.

The sensors supported may provide better than nanometer resolution. A power-down routine in the E-755 firmware saves the current position, allowing a closed-loop system to be ready for operation without referencing next time it is powered up.

NEXLINE® Working Principle for Application Flexibility
NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® drives are ideal wherever high loads must be positioned very precisely over long distances and then perhaps subjected to small-amplitude dynamic adjustment, as for active vibration control. By varying the characteristics of the longitudinal and shear piezo elements, the step size, dynamic operating range (analog travel), clamping force, speed and stiffness can all be optimized for a particular application.

NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® piezoceramic clamping and shearing elements act directly on a moving runner that is coupled to the moved part in the application. While the runner can bemoved large distances in step mode, high-dynamics positioning over distances of less than one step is possible with resolutions far below one nanometer in analog mode. The patented PiezoWalk® thus overcomes the limitations of conventional nanopositioning actuators and combines long travel ranges with high resolution and stiffness.

Extreme Actuator Lifetime
To eliminate long-term offset voltages, which limit the life-time of conventional piezo drives, the E-755 controller uses a special procedure to bring the actuator to a full-holding-force, zero-voltage condition, no matter where it may be along its travel range. Due to the resulting long lifetime, NEXLINE® nanopositioning actuators are ideal for installation in inaccessible locations deep inside complex equipment, where nanometer-precise alignment and vibration cancellation are required.

E-755-controlled nanopositioning systems provide outstanding linearity, achieved by digital polynomial linearization. The linearization can improve linearity to 0.001% over the full travel range. The products described in this datasheet are in part protected by the following patents:
German Patent No. 10148267
US Patent No. 6,800,984

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