E-481 PICA™ Piezo High-Power Amplifier/Controller
2000 W and Energy Recovery for High Efficiency
E-481.00 high-power amplifier, optionally available with E-509 servo-controller and E-517 interface and display module
E-481.00 high-power amplifier, optionally available with E-509 servo-controller and E-517 interface and display module
  • Peak Power 2000 W
  • Energy Recovery
  • Output Voltage 0 to ±1000 V or Bipolar
  • Overheat Protection for Piezo Actuators with Temperature Sensor
  • Optional Position Servo-Control Modules
  • Computer Interface & Display Modules
E-481: operating limits with various PZT loads, capacitance is measured in nF
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Software Overview

The E-481 high-power piezo amplifier/controller is specifically designed for dynamic operation of high-capacitance PICA™ PZT actuators.

The E-481 is based on a novel design combining pulse width modulation and energy recovery. Instead of dissipating the reactive power in heat sinks, this energy is temporarily stored in inductive elements. Only the active power used by the piezo actuator has to be delivered. The energy not used by the actuator is returned to the amplifier and reused as supply voltage via a step-up transforming process. A peak sink and source current of up to 2000 mA is possible.

Selectable Output Range
The output range can be set to positive, negative or bipolar, and provides a voltage swing of 1100 V in open-loop operation.

Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Operation
E-481 amplifiers can be used to drive open- and closed-loop piezo positioning systems.

For open-loop piezo operation the amplifier output voltage is determined by the analog signal at the Control Input combined with the DC-offset potentiometer setting. Open-loop operation is ideal for applications where the fastest response and the highest bandwidth are essential. Here, commanding and reading the target position in absolute values is either not important or carried out by an external feedback loop. The Control In signal can be adjusted by various settings.

Optional Servo Controller Upgrade
The E-481.00 allows easy installation of an optional E-509 (see link) sensor- / servo-controller module for closed-loop piezo position control. In this mode the amplifier is slaved to the E-509 servo controller. Depending on the attached piezo mechanics and feedback sensor, positioning accuracy and repeatability in the nanometer range and below are feasible.

Computer Control
The E-517 computer interface/display module can also be installed in the E-481.

Optionally digital control via a D/A converter is possible. For several D/A boards from National Instruments PI offers a corresponding LabVIEW driver set which is compatible with the PI General Command Set (GCS), the command set used by all PI controllers. A further option includes the patented Hyperbit™ technology providing enhanced system resolution.

Thermal Piezo Protection Circuit
The E-481 features a temperature sensor input and control circuit to shut down the amplifier if the connected piezo ceramic exceeds a maximum temperature threshold.

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