E-482 PICA High-Power Piezo Driver / Servo Controller
High Energy Efficiency through Energy Recovery

  • Peak current 6 A
  • Output voltage to 1050 V
  • Integrated energy recovery
  • Temperature sensor protects piezo actuator from overheating
  • Position control (optional)
  • Computer Interface & Display Modules
Operating limits with various PZT loads (open-loop), capacitance is measured in nF
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PICA high power piezo driver
19-inch bench top for dynamic continuous operation of PICA piezo actuators with high electrical capacitance. Analog operation. Output voltage up to 1050 V, bipolar selectable. 6 A peak current, 2 A average current

Energy saving of up to 80% due to switched control principle
Switching amplifier with pulse width modulation (PWM) of the piezo output voltage. When the piezo actuator is discharged, a patented circuitry for energy recovery stores part of the returning energy in a capacitor makes it reusable for the next charging cycle. The amplifier runs cooler and provides better stability.

Upgrading to a Servo Controller
Optional E-509 position servo control module for closed-loop control with a position feedback sensor. Optional E-517 digital module with wave generator, data recorder, display, 24-bit interfaces (USB, etc)

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