E-831 OEM Piezo Driver
Low-Cost Module with Separate Power Supply

  • Compact piezo power amplifier
  • Peak current up to 250 mA
  • Cost-efficient
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Easy integration
  • Short-circuit-proof, full overcurrent and temperature protection
  • Output voltage range up to -30 to 130 V
  • Power-up/down without voltage spikes
E-831.03 with E-841.55: Operating limits with various PZT loads (open-loop), capacitance measured in µF
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Single-channel piezo amplifier module
Compact OEM module. Various models for different dynamic requirements. Runs on external power, e.g. the E-841 power supply series

Low-noise power amplifier. Voltage gain factor 10. Output voltage range up to -30 to 130 V, depending on the power supply used. Monitor output 1-100. Overtemperature protection. Soldering pins for easy mount on PCB boards

Optional power supply modules
Various power ranges. Suitable for supplying up to three E-831 piezo amplifiers. Custom power supplies on request

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