V-106 QuickScan High-Dynamics Scanner
Voice-Coil Drive with Direct Position Measurement
V-106.11S and V-106.14S high-dynamics scanning stages with voice coil drives
V-106.11S and V-106.14S high-dynamics scanning stages with voice coil drives
  • Travel Ranges of 20 mm and 6 mm
  • Linear Encoder Provides 0.1 µm Resolution, 0.2 µm Repeatability
  • Scanning Frequency to Tens of Hz
  • Velocity up to 270 mm/s
  • PCI-Card Controller with On-Board Amplifiers Available
V-106.14S maximum scanning frequency for different loads and scan amplitudes for example 18 mm scans with up to 90 g load at >4 Hz frequency are feasible. The velocity is up to 270 mm/s
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Application Examples
  • Bioanalytics
  • Scanning microscopy
  • Semiconductor testing
  • Micromanufacturing
  • Microdispensing
  • Optical device testing
  • Photonics alignment &packaging

QuickScanmicropositioning stages of the V-106 series were designed for high-dynamics precision scanning and positioning applications, like those in biotechnology and fiber optics. They are based on zero-friction voice coil drives (linear motors), which, combined with high-precision linear encoders, offer a position resolution of 0.1 µm and minimal step size of 0.2 µm.

V-106 micropositioning stages achieve significantly higher dynamics than leadscrew-based units. The specially designed voice coil drive sys-tem makes possible scanning frequencies of some tens of hertz. With an applied load of 90 grams, the scan frequency of the V-106.11S is still 20 Hz over a travel range of 1 mm. The excellent dynamic characteristics are advantageous not only for scanning applications: positioning tasks see them as short settling times like 75 ms for 5 mm with a 90 gram load.

Direct Drive and Direct Metrology—Precise Motion
The design of the V-106 is based on three key precision components:

  • A frictionless voice-coil (linear motor) drive
  • A non-contacting direct-motion metrology linear encoder for sub-micron repeatability
  • Precision cross-roller bearings for ultra-straight and smooth motion

Unlike leadscrew-driven translation stages, the voice-coil linear-motor in the V-106 is frictionless, quiet and not subject to wear and tear. In addition, it provides higher dynamics, speed, acceleration and responsiveness (step-and-settle)- ideal features for high-throughput applications. The embedded drive also reduces the length considerably compared to conventional motor/screw-driven stages.

For highly repeatable motion, a non-contacting optical linear encoder with 0.1 µm resolution is mounted inside the stage and feeds position information back to the motion controller.

The integrated, non-contact reference switch increases versatility in automation applications.

Versatile PCI Board Controller
V-106 voice coil stages can be controlled by the C-843 digital contoller in PCI plug-in-board format. C-843 controllers are equipped with on-board linear servo-amplifiers for precise control of up to four axes. This lowers system costs and simplifies setup by eliminating additional external amplifiers and cables.

Frictionless Voice Coil Linear Drives
High-accuracy voice coil linear drives work on the same princi-ple as electromagnetic loudspeakers. However, for precision positioning applications, they must provide much higher forces and high stability to hold a position without jitter. They must also be designed for closed-loop operation to allow for precise positioning.

These zero-friction magnetic linear drives, characterized by their excellent dynamics, are ideally suited for scanning applications requiring travel ranges in the millimeter to centimeter range. PI offers voice coil drives in V-106 standard systems; custom systems are available on request.

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