M-406 Precision Linear Stage
Cost-Effective with High guiding Accuracy

  • Travel ranges to 150 mm
  • Crossed roller bearings
  • DC servo and stepper motor drive
  • Direction-sensing reference point switch
  • Design resolution to 3.5 nm
  • Min. incremental motion to 100 nm
  • Noncontact limit switches
M-406, dimensions in mm
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Precision-class linear drive
Crossed roller bearings for high travel accuracy and load capacity. Precision leadscrew with 0.5 mm thread pitch, backlash-compensated, self-locking (50 N holding force). Stress-relieved aluminum base for highest stability

Drive types and position measurement
PD variant: Direct drive. DC motor with integrated ActiveDrive amplifiers for higher velocity
DG variant: DC servo motor with gearhead in combination with precision rotary encoder for high resolution and repeatability

2S variant: 2-phase stepper motor

Noncontact limit switches. Noncontact direction-sensing reference point switches in the middle of the travel range

Fields of application
Precision positioning for science and industry, low duty cycles

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