C-867 PILine® Motion Controller
For Ultrasonic Piezomotors, 1 and 2 Axes

  • For PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors
  • 50-MHz encoder inputs for high velocity and position resolution
  • USB, RS-232 and analog interfaces (e.g. for a joystick)
  • Integrated power amplifier with dynamic frequency control
  • PID servo-control with dynamic parameter switching
  • 4+4 programmable TTL I/Os for flexible automation
  • Daisy-chain network of up to 16 units
  • Data recorder
  • Powerful macro programming language, e.g. for standalone operation
  • Extensive software support, e.g. for LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux
The two-channel C-867.260 controller serves to control XY scanning stages, as in this case a customized M-686 stage for microscopy
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Software Overview

Servocontroller and power amplifier
One and two channels, bench top, proprietary PID control for ultrasonic motors, network-compatible with up to 16 units per interface

For PILine® ultrasonic linear motors
Power amplifier for PILine® drives and stages with up to two piezomotyors per channel. Automated frequency tracking for improved servo performance

Incremental encoders
Differential signal transmission (A/B). Evaluation of TTL signals for limit and reference point switches

Digital communication
USB, RS-232 and analog interfaces (e.g. for a joystick). Data recorder. Powerful macro programming language, e.g. for standalone operation. Extensive software support, e.g. LabVIEW, shared libraries for Windows and Linux

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