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Heavy-Duty Precision Hybrid DC/Piezo Drive with High Guiding-Accuracy
Hybrid Z-positioner M-714.HD
Hybrid Z-positioner M-714.HD
  • Simultaneous Control of Piezo-Flexure Drives & DC-Servo/Ballscrew Drives
  • 7 mm Vertical Travel Range, 10 kg Load Capacity
  • High Holding Forces with Minimum Power Consumption
  • Integrated Precision Linear Encoder Provides 2 nm Resolution
  • Active Backlash Compensation and Stick/Slip Compensation
  • Frictionless Piezo Drive and Flexure-Decoupled Ballscrew
  • Millisecond Settling Time to Nanometer Precision
M-714, dimensions in mm. Sub-D connector 26-pin, 3 m cable
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Technical Data
Motion and positioning
Travel range7 mm
Integrated sensorLinear encoder
Sensor resolution0.002 µm
Design resolution0.002 µm
Min. incremental motion0.004 µm
Hysteresis at the platform0.01 µm
Unidirectional repeatability0.01 µm
Accuracy<0.05 µm
Pitch±10 µrad
Yaw±10 µrad
Max. velocity0.2 mm/s
Origin repeatability1 µm
Mechanical properties
Drive screwLeadscrew
GuidingCrossed-roller bearings
Screw pitch1 mm/rev.
Gear ratio80:1
Belt drive transmission ratio3:1
Max. push/pull force100/100 N
Self inhibition100 N
Max. lateral force200 N
Drive properties
Drive typeHybrid drive: DC-motor with low-inertia, flexure-decoupled and piezo actuated stage platform
Motor typeDC-motor, gearhead
Operating voltage (motor)24 V
Electrical power13 W
Piezo drive typePICMA® Multilayer piezo with flexure
Piezo voltage±36 V
Limit and reference switchesHall-effect
Operating temperature range-20 °C to +65 °C
MaterialAl (black anodized)
Mass2.1 kg
Recommended controller/driverC-702 hybrid motor controller (see link)