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Piezo Drive Option for Nanometer Precision
M-036.P0 rotation stage with piezo drive
M-036.P0 rotation stage with piezo drive
  • Sub-Microradian Resolution
  • 360° Coarse Range, up to 21° Fine Range
  • Precision Micrometer or DC Motor Drives
  • Piezo Option for High-Resolution Scanning and Tracking
  • Ø 30 mm Clear Aperture
M-036.DP1, M-036.DS1 dimensions in mm
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Technical Data
Coarse rotation range360360360360360360°
Rotation range (micrometer drive)21212119**19**19**°
Rotation range (piezo drive)-700700-700700µrad
Minimum incremental motion (piezo drive)-<1<1-<1<1µrad
Repeatability (piezo drive)--2--2µrad
Unidirectional repeatability (motor drive)---101010µrad
Backlash (motor drive)---404040µrad
Design resolution (motor drive)---µrad
Minimum incremental motion (motor drive)---222µrad
Minimum incremental motion (micrometer drive)232323---µrad
Rotation / linear input151515151515µrad/µm
Tangent-arm length666666666666mm
Max. velocity---°/s
Max. axial force±400±400±400±400±400±400N
Max. torque (θx, θY)±6±6±6±6±6±6Nm
Max. torque CW*
Max. torque CCW*0.0750.0750.0750.0750.0750.075Nm
Drive (manual or motor)M-624M-624M-624M-227.25M-227.25M-227.25
Piezo drive-P-840.30P-841.30-P-840.30P-841.30
Body materialAl, StAl, StAl, StAl, StAl, StAl, St
Recommended controllers---C-843, C-848, C-863C-843, C-848, C-863C-843, C-848, C-863 (see link, see link, see link)
Recommended piezo controllers -E-660, E-610, E-500 SystemE-610, E-500 System-E-660, E-610, E-500 SystemE-610 (see link), E-500 System (see link)

*CW: clockwise CCW: counter-clockwise
**Limited by limit switch position.