E-836 Compact Piezo Amplifier/ OEM Module
Cost- Effective, Low-Noise Piezo Amplifiers for Dynamic Piezo Actuator Operation

  • Piezo amplifier unit(bench-top) and OEM module
  • Peak current up to 100 mA
  • Easy integration
  • Power-up/down without voltage spikes
  • 24 V operating voltage
E-836 Piezo amplifier as compact bench-top device
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FunctionPiezo amplifier, 1 channel
OEM module
Piezo amplifier, 1 channel
Bench-top device
Control input voltage-2 to 12-2 to 12V
Output voltage-30 to 130-30 to 130V
Peak current (<8 ms)100100mA
Average current5050mA
Current limitationShort-circuit-proofShort-circuit-proof
Voltage gain10±0.110±0.1
Ripple, noise, 0 to 100 kHz0,80,8mVrms
Capacitive base load (internal)1010nF
Output impedance55Ω
Input impedance0.51
ConnectorsSoldering pins, Ø 0.7 mmBNC, LEMO
Barrel connector (power supply)
1-turn pot., adds 10 to 0 V to Control In
Operating temperature range5 to 505 to 50°C
Overtemp protectionDeactivation at 85 °CDeactivation at 85 °C°C
Operating voltage24 ±10%24 ±10%; included:
external power supply, 24V; 2.0 A
Power consumption (max.)1016W
Current consumption (max.)0.50.65A
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