Applications: PI Products for Astronomy, Adaptive Optics

Resolution in large earthbound telescopes is limited by atmospheric turbulence and vibrations. During the last 15 years PI has designed several large-aperture tip/tilt systems for image stabilization. Piezoelectrically-driven active secondary mirrors can improve the effective resolution up to 1000% by correcting for these image shifts in real time, especially during long integrations with weak light sources.

PI's hexapod 6-axis micropositioning systems are key components for the precise alignment of active mirrors.

PI precision actuators provide superior performance and lifetime and have been used in large telescopes such as SALT.

Technical Papers
Active Optical Alignment: Development of a Compact, High Load Piezo-Ceramic, Long-Travel,
     Linear Actuator with Picometer Resolution for Active Optical Alignment Applications.

Control of a Particle-Laden Jet Using a PI High-Displacement Piezo Actuator and High-Power Linear Amplifier (PDF)
Fast Steering Mirror for European Space Organization
Active Optics in Optical Telescopes
Paper on Pixel-Sub-Stepping / Image Resolution Enhancement
Secondary Mirror Alignment
Compact 6-Axis Hexapod
  • Hexapod 6D Alignment Systems
M-850K102 Ultra-High Load Hexapod
Hexapods (6D Parallel Kinematics)
More on Hexapods
Ultra-High Load Hexapod
Beam Steering and Stabilization
High-Speed Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms
  • Piezo Tip/Tilt mirrors
Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors & Scanners: Fundamentals
Fast Steering Mirror, Tip-Tilt Platform & Active Optics Selection Guides
Active Secondary Mirrors in Astronomical Telescopes
Active tip/tilt mirror system for Keck Outrigger telescope in Hawaii
  • Large Custom Piezo Steering Mirrors for Fast Correction of Turbulence.
  • Hexapod 6D Micropositioning Systems.
Custom Systems Active Optics / Steering Mirrors
Fast Steering Mirror, Tip-Tilt Platform & Active Optics Selection Guides
Hexapod Alignment System for UKIRT Telescope
Active tip/tilt mirror with secondary hexapod 6-D alignment system
Segmented Mirror Positioning with Linear Actuators
NEXLINE® Mini High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Drive
  • DC-Mike & Stepper-Mike
  • NEXLINE® Piezo Linear Motors
273 Precision Actuators for the Largest Telescope in the Southern Hemisphere
NEXLINE® Ultra-High-Resolution Nanopositioning Drives
Linear Actuators and Micrometers
DC / Stepper Mike
Laser Cavity Tuning/Stabilization
High-Speed Multi-Axis Tip/Tilt Platforms and Z Positioners
  • Piezo Actuators, Phase Shifters
High-speed Piezoelectric Phase Shifters Now Available Closed-Loop and Open-Loop
Fast Steering Mirror, Tip-Tilt Platform & Active Optics Selection Guides
High-Speed Piezo Phase Shifters with Direct Metrology Option
* Other standard or custom solutions from PI could be even more suitable for your application. Talk to a PI Applications Engineer.