Applications: PI Products for Biotechnology, Life Science, Medical Technology

Recent advances in biotechnology and related sciences have increased the need for high-speed, high precision
positioning systems. Please read on for a few examples.

PI piezo actuators can be used to precisely focus a microscope objective in milliseconds, and they can also help to sort cells rapidly. Drug screening applications demand nanoliter dispensing capabilities, yet another application where the speed and precision and extreme lifetime of PI piezo actuators excel.

The scanning optical microscope — one of the cutting-edge tools for DNA research — is not feasible without piezo positioning systems. PI's hexapod 6-axis robots provide the precision and flexibility to support surgeons in their craft.

Technical Papers
Optical Traps Enter New Era of Nanomanipulation
Nanopositioning Stage Pulls Piconewtons in Molecular Stretching Application.
Control Technology Helps Reduce Errors in High-Speed Scanning Applications.
Development of an Optical Tweezer Combined with Micromanipulation for DNA and Protein

Adapting a Compact Confocal Microscope System to a Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence Imaging

Hexapod Advances Research in Biomechanical Dental Application
Hexapod as Surgical Robot
Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting, Electrophysiology, Patch Clamp, Intra-Cell Metrology
High-Resolution Miniature Translation Stages
  • Micro-Translation Stages
  • Linear Actuators
  • Micromanipulators
  • Fast Piezo Actuators
PI Wins Photonics Circle of Excellence Award for Piezo Technology
Extreme Piezo Lifetime Test Report
Micro-Stage Series, Motorized (Linear and Rotation)
Linear Actuators and Micrometers
Compact Motorized / Piezoelectric Hybrid Photonics Alignment Solutions
Piezo Ceramic Stacks (without casing): Multilayer (PICMA®), High-Force
     PICA-Actuators, Miniature PZT Actuators
High-Resolution Closed-Loop DC-Mike & Stepper Actuators
Compact XYZ Motorized/Piezoelectric Alignment Systems
High-Speed Piezo Actuators
Optical Trapping, Cell Tracking, Optical Tweezers, Molecular Stretching
Low Profile XY Scanning Stage
  • Piezo Nanopositioning and Scanning Stages
Optical Traps Enter New Era of Nanomanipulation
Molecular Stretching
P561, P562, P563 XYZ Piezo Stage / Nanopositioning System for
     Scanning Microscopy & Alignment

P-363 Compact Closed-loop XYZ Piezo Scanner for AFM, SPM ...
Multi-Axis Stages, Parallel Kinematics / Parallel Metrology
Multi-Axis, Piezo Nanopositioning / Scanning Stages
High-Dynamics XY and XYZ Nanopositioning / Scanning Stages
PicoCube® High-Precision System for AFM, SPM, Nanomanipulation
Confocal Microscopy, Focusing, Z-Stack Image Acquistion
P-541.Z Low-Profile Z/Tip/Tilt Piezo Stages for Microscopy
  • Z-Stages
  • Objective Z-Scanners
PIFOC® Objective Nanoscanner
PIFOC® Z-Scanners in Bio-Research
Ultra-low Profile Nanopositioning Scanning Stages
P-721: Quick Lock Improves PIFOC® Nano-Focus Z-Drives
P-725 PIFOC® High-Speed Z-Stack Image Acquisition / Fast
     Autofocusing Drives Provide Longer Travel Ranges.

Microscopy Z-Stages / Objective Nanofocusing Systems
PIFOC® High-Speed Nanofocusing/Scanning Z-Drives
PIFOC® Long-Range, Nanofocusing Z-Drives
Laser Beam Steering, Stabilization
Ultra-Long-Range Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirror
  • Tip/Tilt Mirrors (Active Optics)
Fast Steering Mirror, Tip-Tilt Platform & Active Optics Selection Guides
High-Speed Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms
Cell Penetration, Microdosing
PiezoMove® High-Precision Lever Amplified Z-Actuator
  • XYZ Piezo Manipulators
  • Fast Piezo Actuators for Valve Control
  • Piezo Tubes
Z-Axis and Tip/Tilt Platforms
Piezo Tube and Tubular Stack (Ring) Actuators
Multi-Axis Stages, Modular Stages (Serial Kinematics)
Compact Manual / Piezoelectric Alignment Solutions
Piezoceramic Tubes
Modular XY & XZ Piezo Flexure Nanopositioning Stages
NanoCube® X/Y/Z Piezo Alignment System
XYZ Manual
/Piezoelectric Manipulator
Screening, Fast Positioning
Long-Travel Scanning System with Voice Coil Drives
  • Voice-Coil Scanners
  • Micropositioning Stages
  • Piezo Linear Motors
Fast Scanning Stages with Voice Coil Drive
Microscopy Z-Stages / Objective Nanofocusing Systems
PILine® Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motors for OEMs
Fast Focusing Z-Drive
PILine® RodDrive Integrated Piezo Linear Motor Drive
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Surgical Robots
Compact 6-Axis Parallel Kinematics Microrobot
  • Hexapod 6D Micropositioning Systems
  • Translation Stages
Hexapod Advances Research in Biomechanical Dental Application
Hexapod as Surgical Robot
Read More about Hexapods
Hexapods (6D Parallel Kinematics)
Translation Stages (DC-Servo, Stepper Motor, Manual)
Hexapod 6-Axis-Parallel Kinematics Microrobot
Low-Profile, High-Load Translation Stages with Ballscrew Drives
Grating Rotation / Dithering for Image Processing
Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive
  • Rotation Stages
P-713 / P-714 Low Cost, Compact XY Piezo-Scanners for Imaging Applications
Rotation Stages
Bender Actuators / Bimorph Actuators
Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive
Series Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive
Long travel Piezo Bender Actuators
XY Dithering Stages
* Other standard or custom solutions from PI could be even more suitable for your application. Talk to a PI Applications Engineer.