Applications: PI Products for Data Storage Technology

Piezo positioning systems are fundamental tools for test & metrology systems in ultra-high-density data storage applications, nanoimprint, nanoassembly, and nanofabrication. Their extreme precision and speed makes them vital components in the quest to follow Moore's law.

PI has taken nanopositioning to the next level by combining advanced mechanical designs and high-throughput control technology to provide nanometer precision in milliseconds. This is called NanoAutomation®.

Technical Papers
IBM Interferometric Metrology Tool for Data Storage and Semiconductors
Repealing Moore’s Law: Trajectory-Control Advancements for Nanopositioning Subsystems
Advances in Sensors, Flexure Design and Digital Control Significantly Increase Precision of
     PZT Nanopositioning Stages

InputShaping®: New Technology Solves the Resolution/Speed Tradeoff
Interfacing Fast Nanopositioners to Track-Following Servos
Read/Write Head Testing
P-752 Piezo NanoAutomation® Stages with Direct Metrology
  • High-Level Dynamics Nanopositioning Stages
  • Ultra-Fast Nanoautomation® Controller
Closed-Loop Single-Axis Stages with Direct Metrology
Multi-Axis Stages, Modular Stages (Serial Kinematics)
Ultra-Compact Piezo NanoAutomation® Stage with Direct Metrology
P-628 Long Travel XY Scanning Stages
High-Speed Tracking, Track Following Servos
Advanced High Speed Controllers
  • Digital Controllers with Optional InputShaping® Technology
Patented New Technology Provides Enhanced Positioning Resolution
Interfacing Fast Nanopositioners to Track-Following Servos
Digital Piezo Controllers
E-750 High-Speed Digital Piezo NanoAutomation® Controller
Nanomagnetic Testing, Thermal Annealing
Ultra-High-Speed, XY / XYZ Scanning Microscopy Stages
  • Multi-Axis Nanopositioning Systems
P-733.2DD / P-733.3DD High-Speed, Direct-Driven Piezo Nano-Scanning Stages
Multi-Axis Stages, Parallel Kinematics / Parallel Metrology
P-563 PIMars™ XYZ Piezo Scanning- and Nanopositioning Stages with Parallel Metrology
P-587 6-Axis, Long-Travel Piezo Nanometrology Stage
Laser Beam Focusing / Alignment, Beam Stabilization (DVD Mastering)
PIFOC® Long-Range, High-Speed Nanofocusing Z-Drives with Direct Metrology
  • PIFOC® Nanofocusing Systems
  • PIHera Nanopositioning Stages
  • Active optics
  • Fast Voice-Coil Drives
P-725 PIFOC® High-Speed Z-Stack Image Acquisition / Fast Autofocusing Drives
1000 µm Travel XY-Version Added to PIHera® Family of Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
S-334 Long-Range Piezo Mirror Scanner / Stabilization Platform Provides
     Higher Resolution, Speed than Galvo Scanners

Microscopy Z-Stages / Objective Nanofocusing Systems
Closed-Loop Single-Axis Stages with Direct Metrology
Fast Steering Mirror, Tip-Tilt Platform & Active Optics Selection Guides
P-628 PIHera® Mini Long-Range Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
Ultra-Long-Range Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirror
Long-Travel, High-Dynamics Scanning System
* Other standard or custom solutions from PI could be even more suitable for your application. Talk to a PI Applications Engineer.