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Guiding Principles

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Magnetic-Kinematic Ball Bearings

Magnetic Kinematic Ball Bearings

Straightness of travel, symmetrical movement and absence of backlash are especially important for precision mechanical positioning.

M-011 and M-014 magnetically coupled stages use the force of integrated magnets to preload the stage.

This magnetic preload results in extremely uniform and smooth motion with minimum friction. To guarantee optimum straightness of travel only one of the two linear bearings guide the stage (V-grooves) while the second bearing only supports (U-grooves) the top platform. Straightness and flatness is better than 0.2 Ám over 25 mm. Resolution with the optional PZT drive is better than 10 nm.

Due to the limited magnetic force only small loads can be handled in vertical applications. The same applies to lateral forces.

Linear Guiding Rods with Ball Bearings

Linear Guiding Rods with Ball Bearings

Precision ground rods of hardened steel and linear ball bearings are used for the M-311 translation stages. A brass tube serves as ball cage. To reduce backlash and guarantee low friction the rods and ball bearings have to be matched with very tight tolerances.

Linear Rails with Double Row Recirculating Ball Bearings

Linear Rails with Double Row Recirculating Ball Bearings

The M-500 family of motorized translation stages is equipped with precision double linear rails. The moving carriage is supported by a total of four preloaded linear bearings with two rows of recirculating balls each. The rails are bolted to the precision machined stage base by several screws. Precision assembly allows these bearings to yield excellent results in terms of straightness, smoothness and load capacity.


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